YOU would certainly never accuse Rabbie McKay, Millpark, Oban – faither of council worker, Robert McKay, of Blackface sheep fame – of being a stick in the mud?

But that’s just what happened recently when he took his grandson, Innes McKay, fishing on one of the sea lochs about Taynuilt, only to get stuck in his waders in sinky sand!

A red-faced Rabbie had to be pulled out of the mire by a passing fishing boat, while Innes got back to shore safely enough. Seemingly, the waders were seen dangling from the bedroom windae to dry them oot after this little excursion. The famous McKay bunnet was unhurt.

The Raider also understands that nae fish were harmed in the making of this incident, apart from a couple of minnows, a crab claw and a cockleshell found in the waders!