IT'S BECOMING increasingly obvious that there is a faction in farming that either doesn't think that the Covid-19 rules apply to them, or they just refuse to accept that it poses a threat to anyone.

It is unacceptable that this is the case and these realisations are backed by the fact that some auction market and farming retail outlet staff have been subjected to abuse by some in the farming fraternity – actually, fraternity is the wrong word as it implies 'togetherness'! There is nothing 'together' about being abusive to people who ask you to please respect Covid-19 rules by wearing appropriate face masks indoors.

The rules are there for a reason and it's no excuse saying that you don't care whether you get this horrible infection or not as you think you are fit enough to work your way through it. It's a selfish thought that can only be answered in one way and that the rules are not just there to protect you, but to protect others from you. And you may, in fact, be lethal to them.

Make no mistake, a failure to adhere to the rules – especially those surrounding attending auction marts – may result in that mart being closed down and with a knock-on effect to other such outlets. Should that be the case, then the livestock industry would surely suffer.

Therefore, as far as the auction system goes, be sure to use it ... but do not abuse it.

Bonus points

THERE are positive sides to the country being subjected to various overseas travel limitations because of Covid-19 – and farming is the beneficiary.

Farmers who have ventured into providing tourist facilities, such as accommodation, retail outlets or food sales, have found that the trend towards staycations has benefited their business enormously. Many are booked out for the rest of the year.

Add to this, that many who would normally travel abroad are remaining within the UK, actually puts many more millions of people buying and consuming a whole range of UK foodstuffs, rather than ship their money to Spain or Italy, or wherever. The holiday cash is being spent at home and that's the reason why the meat trade is holding up, not to mention all other kinds of produce.

The downside is that a lot of country areas do not have the infrastructure to cater for the huge numbers of tourists that are heading to Scotland. I see one quick-thinking local council has said it will leave trowels strategically placed in lay-byes to allow visitors that have been caught short to 'cover their work'!

However, many rural people would much rather that the authorities provide proper toilet facilities and improve the infrastructure to allow the most to be made of these staycations. We have a wonderful country for everyone to enjoy, but with it comes the responsibility to provide proper collection for rubbish and cater for the most basic of human needs.

This might be a short-lived tourist boom, but some of this business will 'stick' and the most must be made of that demand.