It comes as no surprise that the present UK government is dabbling in the debate of how to slide GM covertly into our food system!

There are many disciples of this type of farming in Scotland and it comes as no surprise that the NFUS border reiver McCornick is leading the charge. We have another in the Kingdom of Fife called Rennie – this is music to his ears.

Our science establishments in Scotland will also welcome this news as they have been dabbling in this area of how to be better than God and how to influence nature so that vast sums of money can be made. Alas it didn’t work for Judas.

For thousands of years man has lived on this planet – we are here today and our forefathers did not exploit nature, but accepted it for what it was.

Yet countries like the USA like to dabble in such concepts and in a society were money is God there is no holding back, human life becomes secondary and that is clear under the pandemic. The USA government do not care about their people – get back to work! Look at all the money we are losing!

Was the Pandemic manmade? Was the virus modified by some lab where men think that they are better than God?

Fort Detrick in Maryland, the USA military biolab, was closed down by the CDC last year and the labs put in a vacuum. What on earth were they dabbling in? Is this the science that we are all talking about that will benefit mankind?

When people get old, their brains tend to revert back to childhood and as we all know in our school days we all used the blame game despite one being as guilty as hell.

Please Miss, it wasn’t me!!

Angus A Macdonald,