Scotland's 'right to roam' legislation is usually well respected, but can become a bone of contention for those who abuse it, especially with out of control dogs and the likes .. but the Prime Minister Boris Johnson?

Seeking a quiet getaway with his fiancee Carrie Symonds and their months-old son, Wilfred, he headed for a picturesque cottage near Applecross, where even the thunder of camper vans 'doing' the North-west 500 can't be heard! However, he fell foul of local farmer, Kenny Cameron, who took umbrage at PM Johnson's decision to set up an eight-foot bell tent in his field without permission, despite having the lovely holiday cottage nearby. And he lit a fire.

For their part, Mr Johnson's staff have since apologised and said they thought that the field he'd set up camp in was actually part of the cottage the family was staying in.

The Raider hopes they managed to steer clear of the dreaded midges which have been a fair old blight this summer.