AND SO it began again this week ... panic buying.

Milk and bread disappeared like the proverbial snaw from supermarket shelves across the country as fears grew of another lockdown. Bum paper, flour, tatties and rice were amongst the staples also hoovered up by a populace scared about staying at home!

However, who'd have thought that turkeys would enter into the mind set of those binge buying for their shopping trolleys? Well it seems that supermarkets have seen a huge spike in on-line interest in this traditional Xmas dinner table fare.

So, for anyone out there who are feeding up bubbly jocks for the festive period, you better get some grub into them so that they're ready for the expected rush. Even frozen ones are in demand, according to the pundits.

Oh, and don't forget to stock up on booze ... you couldn't face a festive party without it!