Sir, –

Remember, remember the 3rd of November,

Donald Trump’s autumnal plot

There’s no good reason,

Why Trump’s plot this season,

Should ever be forgot.

Just as November 5 is notorious in British history, so inevitably will November 3 (the date of the upcoming Presidential election) become equally infamous in American history.

Why? Because both dates will, in time, mark attempts by sinister dark forces to usurp both the principles of democracy and the rule of law. Robert Catesby’s Catholic recusants in 1605 in comparison to Donald Trump’s twisted personality cult (the former Republican party) at present?

As the true nature of the Trump cult, complete with its perverse mammono-satanic doctrine becomes ever more apparent, International Trade Secretary, Liz Truss, and her team should warily employ an ever longer 'spoon' as they 'sup' at the negotiating table on behalf of British agriculture in the ongoing Anglo-American trade talks.

Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic has presented an epic challenge to the entire global community, the Trump cult have flagrantly belittled it as an irritating inconvenience to their election prospects. Now, critically, trailing in the opinion polls, due to crass incompetence and with limited likelihood of being re-elected, the cult has taken to employing every low life tactic possible to discredit the vote and remain in office on the basis of an invalid result.

Whether it’s threatening to intimidate the electorate at polling stations through heavy-handed law enforcers, or using their appointed stooge as Postmaster General to retard the Postal Service, thus sabotaging the postal vote, inevitably increased by the effects of Covid-19, no measure is beneath this cult.

This is not gutter politics, it is the politics of the sewer. Consequently, Boris Johnson and Liz Truss should resolutely take the moral high ground here and inform the US trade delegation that this country does not strike trade deals with administrations who thrive in such environments, namely 'rats'.

'King Rat' has even had the audacity to state publicly that he intends to stand for a third term if re-elected, a measure banned under the US Constitution. Thomas Jefferson would turn in his grave.

Winston Churchill and George Orwell, both great political visionaries from the 1930s, fully appreciated the futility of pandering to embryonic dictators, and they would unwaveringly draw a line in the sand here.

Through employing the same phrase in defence of the principles of farm assured produce, NFU President Minette Batters has clearly expressed the rhetoric appropriate for the hour.

Witness here, the stark contrast between a progressive enlightened president, worthy of the title, and a self-consumed rat, hell bent on dragging standards on all fronts down into the sh*thole environment, where he thrives.

Is this a Clarion call for permanently ditching a trade deal with a country that we can no longer trust? Of course not, circumstances change, a presidential election is upcoming, and despite the divisive chauvinism of their premier, the American people share common democratic values with ourselves, values which should provide fertile ground for mutually beneficial trade.

However, in recognition of the principles of democracy preserved through thwarting the gunpowder plot and perpetuated through the sacrifices of two World Wars, I suggest that Liz Truss should not commit to any binding agreements until after November 5.

Hopefully, by then, the ballot will have been shown to be mightier than the bulls**t, true democratic presidential service will have been restored and there will be prospects for trade agreements worth the paper they’re written on.

Rob Taylor

Home Farm,

The Village,

Littleton on Severn,

South Glos.