SIR, – I noticed the front page headline for last week's issue was backing Scottish beef and that is something we should be doing, but I think the most important thing we should be doing in this historic moment in our country is showing some solidarity and backing Britain.

Narrow focuses on single parts of our economy will lead to our destruction. We need solidarity with all producers of all products, for instance Europe putting pressure on their rights to fish in UK waters. Now this is a time that we should be showing solidarity with coastal areas.

I'd like to say British fisherman, but here in South-west Scotland all the harbours have hardly any working boats left. If farming and other industries don't band together to support all industries of the UK and not casually throw fisherman under the bus for only a short term gain, then when it comes to our turn to be in need of support we have no right to complain.

Let us not forget that Europe has had free access to UK waters for decades and now it's like them getting tenants' rights without paying any rent. We need a deal with Europe, but why should British fishing be the only industry to be sacrificed?

As we all know being a good neighbour is looking after our marches.

Sandy McCreath

Newtonhill Farm,


Newton Stewart.