SIR, – As always in such matters, the UK-EU Brexit deal will invariably throw up more than a few surprises aside from the usual headlines heralding a British 'victory' in negotiations.

The fact that, for example, seed potatoes are not to be included in the deal will be deeply damaging to our rural economy. Scottish seed potato farmers are one of the biggest exporters of potatoes, used in the production of chips and crisps, in the world.

The sector in Scotland accounts for around 80% of UK production and is worth about £122m annually. One-fifth of these exports go to the EU, amounting to more than 20,000 tonnes a year.

This is clearly a disastrous Brexit outcome for Scottish farmers and like all other aspects of Brexit, foisted on Scotland against its will.

A terrible negotiating failure on the part of the Tory government and a devastating blow to an extremely valuable part of Scotland’s farming industry, I am sure it will not be the first damaging impact to be highlighted once the deal is fully analysed.

Alex Orr

2/3 Marchmont Road,