ON the face of it, there won't be a live sale of Scotland's iconic Highland cattle breed in its traditional Oban sale centre this spring – but there might be!

The Highland Cattle Society had decided not to hold the usual live spring sale scheduled for February 8, but to move it entirely on-line. However, UA – which hosts the sale in its mart at Moleigh, just outside Oban – would appear to be pressing ahead with a live sale for March 8, albeit with some severe restrictions and without being under the 'auspices of the society'.

The SF will, of course, keep you up to date with what happens at these sales, but in the meantime The Raider, especially, mourns the loss of what is usually a socially eventful couple of days in the capital of the West. The takings at the Royal Hotel will have collapsed, either way!

Gavels on the move?

It's safe to say that the departure of auctioneering chief Robin Anderson from ANM has set the tongues wagging in marts up and down the country.

He's moving to Lawrie and Symington, Lanark and Forfar, as managing director and this news would have been great fodder for ringside gossip had restrictions allowed. As it is, there's bound to be speculation whether this move will spark a round of transfer moves around the auctioneering world.

Watch this space ...

Ringside gossip

One of those really missing the ringside craic is our own Farm View correspondent, Jim Broon, from Airdrie.

In a phone call to Raider Heights this week, he said he was worried, and rightly so, that the usual banter of the market place is affecting not only the mental health of the farming industry, but the knowledge transfer of rich sources of gossip which might or might not be true.

That's a miss for everyone and another reason not to miss The SF each week (shameful plug)!

Lockdown safety share ...

With the country back in lock-down, outings are now more limited than ever and everyone is handling the remoteness differently.

Remember to call a friend, or neighbour for a chat – even if you might not be struggling, they might be. Worst case scenario, you both get a catch up over a virtual cuppa, or a dram.