SIR, – Further to your front page headline 'Problem birds must be removed' this prompts me to suggest that certain problem animals should never be allowed on our shores. I am, of course, referring to lynx.

In my opinion, it is sheer madness to contemplate the release on the basis that no lynx has been known to attack humans but, indeed, the principal prey will be sheep.

Two years ago when studying capercaillie release plans, I had the privilege of visiting a lynx release site in Eastern Poland. This was only a partial success, for once the deer had been eaten, raw meat had to be provided as frontier feeding by the keepers. I was assured there were no sheep within 500km of the release area.

Whilst it is suggested that lynx would help control the Scottish deer population, they would find killing sheep considerably easier. I thought the whole matter had been dropped after the Kielder debate.

Don’t let us go there.

Keith Chalmers-Watson

Fenton Barns,

North Berwick,

East Lothian,