Sir, – A few lines about Scottish wildlife.

There’s plenty wildlife on this fairm,

Ah’d scrieve a list lang's ma airm,

Oo’ve brocks, tods an’ lowgrund maukin,

An’ roe deer free fare ony stalkin’.

Oo’ve mavis, linties, laverocks tae

An’ gleds an’ hoolits oot for prey.

There’s whyles a heron seekin’ fish

Or a puddock for his evenin’ dish.

Oo’ve corbies black as winter nights

An’ hedges fu’ o’ yellae’yites...

The “powers that be” they say they’re rare,

But oo’ve a wheen and even mair,

Sae whit’s the point in bringin’ lynx ,

Ah’d raither see oor ain gowdspinks,

For there’s a bonnie sicht tae see,

Lord save us frae the powers that be.

PS: I’ve no doubt that your older readers will relate to the auld Scots terms, still used throughout the Borders, for badgers, foxes, hares, song thrushes, linnets, skylarks, hawks, owls, yellow hammers, carrion crows and goldfinches!

John M Nisbet

Auchencrow Mains,