SIR, – I read with interest Jim Brown's recent Farmer's View, in the February 6 edition.

At the outset, I usually bow to Mr Brown's wide knowledge, but his view that exiting from the EU is now akin to being in a third world country need a challenge.

It would be a greater shock to his system if we were to exit the Union. Then, I'm afraid, we would very quickly become a real third world country.

We all know vast improvements are needed in the UK government. Some of which are in hand and Mr Johnson, who is the Prime Minister of the UK, is in a position that should always command decency and respect.

The UK remains an important nation and requires a leader who has knowledge and understands the way countries of the world work, historically and presently. Like it or not, he does.

There is a wider picture outside agriculture and the vaccine coup that he engineered endorses this. I fear the SNP could never have stepped up to the plate on this one.

I am afraid their's is a case of: Answers for everything, solutions for nothing ...

Dorothy McFadzean