Sir, – As highlighted by Jim Walker and raised again in last week's front page, the actions and inactions of our public servants is nothing short of a disgrace!

This is not just confined to the beef emissions issue, it runs through every part of national and local government, where there's a whole section of our society who bear no consequences for their actions. There is no one who can hold any public servant to account – forget ombudsman, complaints to MPs, MSPs, your local councillors, ministers, they are accountable to no one.

This is an unbelievable position to hold in society, no matter how good or bad you are at your job, you are bomb proof, your job is secure, salary guaranteed and pension gold plated, and there is no chance you will feel the need or the obligation to resign.

It stretches from the highest to the lowest, crown prosecution right down to the local planning officer, how did we get here? Employment law has a lot to do with it, you can't even tell someone to get off their backside lest you're accused of bullying, and we don't have much example from our politicians – when did anyone last resign, whether they travelled to London and back rotten with Covid-19, or texting wee boys, let alone wasting millions of public money.

Unless, or until we can elect politicians who have the stature and commitment to root out this malaise in our governance, this rotten to the core system will drag us down to third world status. If we are not already there!

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