Reading in The SF letters page, there is a collection of people who are going to solve the problem of the Sea Eagle – this collection of people are all predators of the agricultural world, whose existence depends upon farming!

Looking at the names, some I recognise that you tend to see on committees where there is Government money. They belong to a cult that has many years of channelling funds to one another, and are also of a collective opinion that anything they say is right!

No wonder that people in crofting and farms on the West Coast don’t respond. Like when the birds were first introduced into Scotland, we heard the chorus 'I know, I know' – years down the line those untrue statements are trying to put icing on this rotten cake!

One cannot talk or discuss a way forward to stop the predation of the birds. There is only one solution – put the birds back into the environment where they came from, the uninhabited Arctic tundra. Scotland is too small, thus the Scottish Government would save millions of pounds a year and end the heartbreak of Scottish sheep crofters and farmers.

For persons to understand what the whole exercise is all about, may I quote Proverbs Ch 28v13 – 'Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper, but the one who confesses and renounces them finds mercy'

Angus A Macdonald,