Sir, – In last week's 'Farmer's View', Jim Walker said it was time we 'woke' up to what's going on. I couldn't agree more, although we might have different views about what we should do about it.

Thirty years ago, when Jim and I first met, we didn't need to worry about nature recovery and climate mitigation. We do now.

Jim wrote that he didn't see any organisation that claimed to represent the farming world in Scotland facing up to the truth that our businesses can only tackle these crises effectively if they are profitable and productive. I can assure him that that is exactly what the Nature Friendly Farming Network is doing.

We know that it is essential that regenerative stewardship and profitable food production run side by side and we use every opportunity to get that message across to the Scottish Government. I believe they hear it.

We also know that we need to get on with things. There is a lot we can do now to help our businesses and the twin crises.

We can and should be getting on with that at the same time as the Scottish Government is working up its plans. We don't have much time and it makes good business sense for us to get our own house in order while central policy is worked up.

We cannot afford to wait if we're serious about helping to shape a better future for everybody.

Michael Clarke

Scottish chair,

Nature Friendly Farming Network.