Re: last week's letter about tractor runs and red diesel. Point one, red and white diesel are no different apart from the red dye so running older tractors on white would make no difference to emissions!

Indeed older tractors on road runs are just pottering along so the emissions are low anyway. But the main point is that tractor road runs have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds over the years for charities and needy individuals, so yes I will crow about it as I am extremely proud of the efforts of our vintage club and of all the others clubs that have raised huge sums and greatly enjoyed doing it at the same time.

The writer's main concern seems to be the emissions and saving the planet – if you wish to do that then write a letter to that bloody idiot Putin as his black reek and emissions over the past months are a hell of a lot more than a few old tractors!

Also I have the guts to sign my name to my letter!

Charlie McCririck, Chairman of the Border Vintage Agricultural Association

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