There's been a lot of blood sweat and, probably, tears, but the Royal Highland Show IS ON!

Three years after the last full on event, it has been a long time coming. And, it's building up to be a crackerjack event, celebrating, as it does, the 200th time that there has been a show. So it will be trains, planes and automobiles all the way to Ingliston ... except, don't go by train as it looks likely that strike action will effectively knacker the service for that weekend.

As ever, the livestock will take pride of place and no one can help but be moved by that huge spectacle that is the grand parade and there will be no better place to view it from than the balcony of the new Members Pavilion, which will fulfil its primary function for the first time since it was built.

When it was finished, there were fears that it could become a bit of a white elephant, costing as it did a rumoured £5m and with Covid meaning that there were no major events allowed. However, a saving grace was that it was pressed into service as part of the Scottish government's testing and vaccination programme and has been used for other events just to iron out the snags.

This year, it will be the shining star of the event and, we hope, provide due testament to those with the foresight to plan and build it. What can be said without prevarication is that, were it to be built today, it would cost double the money and take twice as long, given the massive increase in raw material and building costs that Covid and war in Europe have blighted everything with.

Much had been made of the move to on-line ticketing only. Suffice to say, any arguments have been largely played out and we suspect that no one, especially fully paid up members, will be turned away at the gate. For the organisers, though, this show will be a test of their decision-making and the data-set should be almost immediately available as to how it all went. It will, no doubt, be a key feature in the aftermath at the show's 'greetin' meetin'!

Everyone who attends the Highland, have their only little favourite things they like to do and see. But for all, the No 1 thing is to reacquaint with old friends, meet new ones and get the craic. That is what this show is all about and for a few days, the industry will forget its woes and embrace all that is good about Scottish agriculture.

There are many doomsayers out there who do this industry down and sometimes it's easy to get wrapped up in some of their arguments. But next week will show what this industry is all about ... resilience, excellence and when it is joined together, a considerable force.

Let's all enjoy the 200th Royal Highland Show, whether you are actually there, viewing it on RHS TV, or via the medium of our massive results issue that will be due out on the weekend following the show. It is one not to be missed ... who knows, you could be in there!