To enter into the competitions and win a prize at the Royal Highland Show would normally give one a considerable degree of satisfaction.

I entered a number of sticks in the handicraft section, all winning tickets, but felt no degree of satisfaction at all. WHY? Because of the extremely low number of entries. Only 37 sticks were shown when there are usually nearer 150.

The other handicraft sections were down to approximately a third of their normal entries. This was caused partly by having to have entries in six days prior to the start of the show, which could then not be removed until two days after the event. Also competitors were given a 15 minutes time slot on the Friday to deliver their entries. Ridiculous.

This is but two of a number of complaints about the organisation of this year's show. The responsibility falls at the door of the directors and primarily the Chief Executive.

If changes are not made then the show risks going down the same road as the English Royal Show.

Ian McConchie, Hinton, Gatehouse of Fleet.

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