SIR, – I invariably read with great interest the opinion columns in your excellent paper. Now in my late 70s, I recall our local fat stock Christmas shows almost always won by Aberdeen-Angus bred stock until the arrival of the continental cattle.

Our local, much-renowned restaurant at that time always served Aberdeen-Angus grass-fed beef with a fair covering of fat and the meat never failing to satisfy the most discerning of palates.

Surely, we are now at a point where the Scotch premium for both predominantly grass-fed, highly nutritious and succulent beef must be at the forefront of all producers considerations and will only retain the extra premium once enjoyed when these criteria are met.

Also, we must now have an open mind as to the breeds which both produce the beef which the discerning customer wants for both eating quality and sustainability – we know what we think but only the scientists can give us the answers and high light the best performers within the appropriate breeds.

Scotland is blessed with some of the best livestock farmers and agri-scientists in the world, so surely this is a goal we should all embrace?

Nick Peel, Newlands, Gifford.