The long-running Asulox saga seems finally to have come to an end with news the manufacturer will not be investing further in the development process.

The decision not to allow its use in Scotland may well have sounded the death knell for a product that has been a vital tool in battling bracken and the host of issues that bracken brings with it.

This seems like a political decision rather than one based on science and well-reasoned industry arguments have once again fallen on deaf ears. It’s a move that may come back to haunt those responsible.

With no real alternative to Asulox, the Scottish Government needs to step up and invest in an effective solution rather than simply throwing down a ban, walking away, and leaving farmers and crofters to simply get on with it.

The NFUS fringe meeting at the SNP conference was a well-run event.

Party conferences are an ideal time for organisations to speak truth to power and this event was no exception.

Underlining the need for clear policy direction and the importance of Scotland’s farming sector is something that must be done at every opportunity and it was good to see a number of key issues outlined to delegates.

While Wales has already passed its own agri bill, ours – described as “quite dull” by the NFUS policy supremo – remains in its infancy with a long way to go.

This does present opportunities for industry to lobby hard and shape the bill, but it’s also vital that the specialist communications team hired – apparently at great expense - by the Scottish Government to handle engaging with the sector about the bill steps up and keeps industry in the loop in an effective and accessible way.

It’s been argued this has been sorely lacking so far.