THERE'S some well-known jokes about the dog that could talk – and one of them ends with: "If the dogs says anything about the sheep, he's a liar" – but what about a dog that can drive?

The Raider has been informed that a couple of weeks ago Robert Black, who farms with his father, David, at Drochil Farm, between West Linton and Peebles, witnessed that very thing.

He had gone to fill up a feed bin in their

Polaris ATV accompanied by his collie dog Dan. While filling the bin, Dan jumped into the footwell of the Polaris and sat on the accelerator resulting in the Polaris scooting off across the field.

It ended up in a ditch and when Robert finally caught up with it, Dan was still 'operating' the accelerator, with wheels spinning and mud flying everywhere. That might have helped cover up Robert's red face! The dog was fine, though and has entered himself for the next trial as the first motorised contender!