AS THE owner of woolly trouble and in full knowledge of the mental anguish they can cause, I was astounded to read that sheep are ‘clever’.
In some hare-brained scheme, a Cheviot type sheep (and not a very robust looking one) was pictured selecting a picture of Barack Obama after being trained to do so using food rewards.
Now that I can understand. Everyone knows that sheep have a quad bike ‘switch’. At certain times of the year, they run towards the quad in full expectation of a feed, while at other times, they run like hell from it. It must be something to do with the clocks changing!
And, as it happened, even humans need some recognition training. Only this week at AgriScot our kenspeckle CabSec Fergus Ewing was glad-handing down amongst the trade stands and cattle lines. One person he met, asked afterwards: “Who wis that?” Nuff said.

Tractor trouble
I was tickled by the story of the Co Donegal man last week who was charged with traffic offences when he was driving around Londonderry in a tractor.
Anthony Breslin, a farm worker, pled guilty to driving without displaying ‘L’ plates and without an accompanying qualified driver. He told the constabulary that he was ‘wanting to see if there were any women about.’
Let’s hope the fad doesn’t spread to hot spots like Oban, Dreghorn or Lairg!