NOW THAT Prince Harry, on his betrothal to Meghan last week, has become the Earl of Dumbarton (among many other titles) we hope that the story that a wee Scotsman was seen clearing up the mess created by scores of equine attendees for the benefit of his rose garden is indeed true.

And will the new Earl and Countess be staying in Dumbarton Castle – which The Raider can see from his kitchen window? I doubt it, though you never know!

Scooby leaves his trousers down

THERE’S always a bit of a laugh when Ronald ‘Scooby’ McMillan, from Bute, is around.

Last weekend, at Dalry Show, the rock-star lookalike left in a hurry to get the boat back to Bute – apparently, like many of the islanders, he gets a rash when he’s away from the island too long.

So, that would go some way towards explaining why he forgot to put the gangway up on the trailer before leaving the show – almost like running away with his troosers doon.

Only a hurried intervention from his fellow Highland cattle breeders stopped Scooby from disappearing up the road allowing fellow motorists a hind-end view of a Heilan’ coo.

Losing it!

IT HAS happened to me too and also there’s a well-documented case of photographer John Fraser (retired) leaving essential equipment behind.

So The Raider has every sympathy with our own Kayley Kennedy who mislaid her catalogue from last week’s Balmoral Show. It’s the nightmare of every farming reporter, but I think you will agree when you read her excellent report and pictures on pages 18 to 21 that she still managed what will be one of the best livestock reports from the show from any newspaper.

I am sure, too, that she will not go to the extreme lengths that JF did on his next job after ‘losing’ his camera on the Botanics area of Belfast – wee Johnnie tied a fairly hefty piece of rope around his middle attached to his camera, so that ‘losing’ it would never be an issue again.

Perty at the big hoose

IT’S NOT often the ferming sorts get the chance to dress up and go to Landan town but the high heid yins of the Clydesdale Horse Society and North Country Cheviot Sheep Society did just that when they were invited to celebrate their patron, Prince Charles’ 70th birthday.

Suited (some kilted) and booted for the occasion, there will be no doubt the attendees were on their best behaviour which, for some, would be a fair effort. But as the pictures suggest on social meeja, the Clydesdales’ Peter Keron, Jim Anderson, Alasdair Fletcher, Jim Rochead and Ian Roy as well as Cheviot folk, Corinna Cowin, Willie Thomson, George Cormack, Melfyn Williams and Sinclair Armstrong fair enjoyed the occasion – those from the Scotch Mule Association will be gutted to have missed out!