We’ve all done it, well us females have – dropped our mobile phones down the loo.

That’s all fine and well when it’s in the comfort of your own home, but in a portaloo, at the end of busy show? Not to be recommended!

There was oor Pamela Nicol, off enjoying a day oot at Yarrow Show with the Perth Branch of Blackface Sheep Breeders’ when nature called, as it does – especially after a drammie or three.

All fine and well then, but maybe not when you’ve had five or six and you’re a touch wobbly on your feet.

Needless to say, singing happily to yourself on the ‘Royal throne,’ and what pops out? No, not that!

You’ve guessed it, the latest i-Phone XS. However, such was the stench/colour of the contents of the blue loo, that the former president of the Blackface Sheep Breeders’ Association could not bring herself to dip her hand in.

Help was at hand though, with the loo tipped upside down – Pamela was nevertheless left to retrieve her prized possession on her own.

Let's play dodge the caravan

If there is ever a message to get you out of your seat at top speed, it could be something along these lines. Picture the scene, Wednesday and storm Ali is in full swing. Someone in the staff at NFU headquarters gets a fright when the office-wide email says: "Could the owner of car registration ... bleep bleep... please go to the car park immediately, RSABI's caravan is currently bouncing around the car park and your car is directly in its path." No need to ask around to see who owns the car, it's the first buddy that is legging it out the office at top speed! Hope they got there in time.

Kelso Ram Sales issues

There is no doubt there is a certain lure to the Kelso Ram Sales, with flockmasters travelling far and wide every yera, either as vendors or purchasers. There was a real desperation from Aberdeenshire this year though with Jimmy Douglas' Cairness consignment setting off early to miss the traffic in the firm's new luxurious tri-axle trailer.

Only problem was, the young David Moir assisting with the driving and eagerly awaiting a much needed refreshment at the end of a long journey, Jimmy's Suffolk lambs were transported on a five-wheeled trailer.

It was worth it though as the veteran breeder topped the lamb trade at £4000, although I'm not sure young David thought that the following morning.