IT WAS a moo-ving experience for staff and customers this week in Arnold Clark’s Mazda garage in Stirling, when a coo came through the automatic doors and had a wander through the premises, before exiting through a side window.

The smart-looking Limousin cross had escaped from Caledonian Marts nearby, when it decided a pick-up truck was not good enough for it. It took a wee shine to a Mazda MX-5 sporty number, though it did manage to test the wing mirror beyond full extension.

The SF understands an offer of full reparation has been made and topped up with a complimentary bottle of whisky. But, we wonder, who was sent with the pail and brush to sweep up the ‘debris?’

Deserving medals

IT WAS nice to see the Cally Marts boys get their ‘medals’ last week from the RHASS scheme which rewards ‘good attendance’, so I am sure that the boys will return from Islay this weekend more laden down than they went.

Last week, five of the Cally team were given their awards after totting up 218 years service together. I would imagine there should be a similar award made to their spouses!

But, The Raider understands that the marts’ team of Ally Logan and John Kyle – who between them have 7000 years of service to the Cally – have a penchant for the now famous Islay Botanist gin from Bruichladdich. Let’s hope they’ll have earned more than a wee dram after they return from their on farm sales this weekend!

Cocky lugs!

EVERYONE loves a cocky lug on a sheep – though I believe there are still some who like to see a Bluefaced Leicester with its lugs back – but for one breeder it didn’t pay off recently.

The Raider understands that a sheep with a more pronounced cockiness than normal was paraded at a show in the Orkneys. Only problem was, the judge of the show spotted that elastic bands had been used to prop them skywards.

Nice one ... and it falls into the same bracket as tying on a false tail to a show coo!

Big proportions

THE BLACKFACE sheep Breeders’ stand at Stirling market was doing a roaring trade in merchandise last weekend at the annual tup fest.

But The Raider wonders if the breed’s top burd, Aileen McFadzean, really has got her customers taped. I overheard one young man – ok it was auld Tom Stevenson, of Natural Stockcare – ask for a triple XL jaiket, only to be told there were none.

Now, one would have to wonder – given the prodigious proportions of some Blackie breeders (Thompy, stand forward) – that a triple XL would be de rigeur. However, maybe they were simply sold out?