A plain ram's horn stick from one of the top men in the business, lifted the overall crook making championship.

Dane Love, Cumnock, is no stranger to stick making having won the Scottish champion of champions title no fewer than seven times; the British Guild of stick makers12 times and best in show at the Highland, on 11 separate occasions, to name but a few. He added another notch to his belt at LiveScot too, by winning the supreme overall with a Blackface ram's horn stick complemented by a hazel shank as straight as a die.

The event which proved a real talking point throughout the duration of the show, with well over 200 top quality crooks on display, also saw Barry Frizell, Wigton, Cumbria, win his second successive novice championship here. His show stopper this time was a Laburnum wooden stick made just three months previously.


Plain or fancy horned crook – 1 and 3, D Love; 2, A Dent. Plain or fancy wooden crook – 1 and 3, P Roskell; 2, D Love. Plain horn stick – 1 and champion and 2, D Love; 3, Julie Anderson-Roskell. Fancy horn stick – 1, P Roskell; 2, D Love; 3, I McConchie. Plain wooden stick – 1, P Roskell; 2, D Love; 3, A Dent. Fancy wood stick – 1, P Roskell; 2, D Love; 3, B Frizell. Leg Cleek – 1 and 3, D Love; 2, A Dent. Thumb stick – 1 and 2, A Dent; 3, D Love. Sportsman stick – 1 and 2, T Stewart; 3, A Dent. Novice any horn stick – 1, M Playfair; 2, I Paterson; 3, L Hunter. Novice any wood stick – 1 and novice champion, 2 and 3, B Frizell.