Some of the top winners from the Scottish Fatstock Club's LiveScot event at Lanark, have killed out to produce some cracking carcases.

The butcher's champion, Ruby from David Blair, Wormit, a Limousin cross heifer produced a 406.5kg carcase that graded U4L. It was bought at LiveScot by Louise Forsyth of Forsyth and Sons butchers, Peebles, to be sold through their shop.

Ms Forsyth, who judged the Housewives' champion, also bought her choice of winner in Dougie McBeath and Sarah Jane Jessop's Wonky Tonky, a 17-month-old Limousin cross.

The champion lambs, Beltex crosses from the Halls, Inglewood Edge, Dalston, produced E3L carcases with one scaling 24.1kg and the other at 25.1kg.

The champion cattle beast, Miss Tees, a Limousin cross from Wilson Peters, was bought by Yorkshire butcher, Anthony Kitson, and will be killed in January.