Outstandingly good work all over the Awhirk trial field sent Jim Mitchell’s 14-month-old Paige rising up the prize list to first place.

The Blackface hoggs were extremely heavy to move round the former Scottish national course, on what was a lovely day, and inclined to stand stubbornly at the mouth of the pen.

Paige (P Williams’ Sweep, SC Waymen’s Meg) ran out and lifted cleanly, fetched well and achieved a good drive with just minor wavers. The pen and shed took time, but the work was good and the run earned first place, with Jim’s son, Danny following behind with Kate in second place.

Kate (J McLaughlin’s Dan and Lass) worked steadily round the course, but the pen took time and although the shed was difficult too, father and son secured the top places.

The Blackface hoggs at Coylton ran well on a cool, but sunny, day, if not pushed too hard on the rising course or pressured too much at the pen. The cross drive, across the face of the brae, was hard to judge.

Ian Fergie’s Craig (M McTeir’s Bob, A Sim’s Flo) stopped slightly short at the top, and although he lifted cleanly, there were wavers of the line before the hoggs went through the fetch gates. The rest of the fetch was good; the first leg of the drive was excellent, and although the turn was a little wide, the cross drive was equally good. Although many handlers found the gates hard to judge, Craig hit them bang on, and put the sheep through with a tight turn and had a good return leg to the pen.

Craig put in good work, holding the sheep at the mouth of the pen, achieved a clean pen and only slight hesitation at the shed detracted from a near clean finish. Good work all round earned first place with a modest margin.

Willie Welsh’s Chance (R Hutchinson’s Sweep, MJ Mason’s Floss) stopped short, but he lifted off the corner of the sheep and pushed them off line at the start of the fetch. He realigned them at the start of the fetch, but there were wavers at the fetch gate. Despite that, they went through, and kept a good line from there. The hoggs flowed nicely, on a good line round the drive, but one attempted a break at the pen. A clean shed completed the work in second place.

A run off was called at Thornhill open trial, to decide the winner and Lotta Magnusson’s Liz had the edge.

The Swale/Blackface hoggs behaved well, and the big field proved the biggest bogey, giving dogs scope to run too wide.

Liz (R Hutchinson’s Sweep, L Magnusson’s Kate) responded to Lotta’s whistle on her outrun, found her sheep and worked well on the course, with lines her biggest concern. A very good pen and shed set her heading for first place, until Andy Carnegie’s Jess matched her score.

Jess (J McGinn’s Mozz and Tess) needed whistles to take her to her sheep, but good work on the course helped to balance out an untidy finish, and put Jess in contention for first place.

Leading awards:

Dryden (Judge: C Malcolm, Selkirk) Nursery – 15 ran – 1, R Dalziel’s Mack, Ettrick, 92; 2, M Arres’ Moss, Ashkirk, 91; 3, J Allan’s Ellie, Mt Benger, 86; 4, C Dickson’s Stuart, Coldingham, 83 Outbye; 5, I Jackson’s Chap, Ancrum, 83; 6, D Gilchrist’s Ted, Oxton, 82; 7, J Foster’s Ted, Earlston, 81; 8, S Blaikie’s Jeff, Cranshaws, 80. Novice – 1, S Blaikie’s Jeff, Cranshaws, 80; 2, G Thomas’ Bracken, Slekirk.

Coylton (Judge: W Cook, Dalrymple ) Nursery – 12 ran – 1, I Fergie’s Craig, Straiton, 91; 2, W Welsh’s Chance (Chase), Dalcairney, 89; 3, N Gillon’s Kinloch Rheed, Dailly, 87; 4, A McCulloch’s Meg, Dalmellington, 87; 5, J Welsh’s Gail, Beoch, 86; 6, JR Welsh’s Sweep, Dalrymple, 84.

Thornhill (Judge: SL Davidson, Sandbank) Open – 42 ran – 1, L Magnusson’s Liz, Mid Derry, 89 Run Off; 2, AD Carnegie’s Jess, Comrie, 89; 3, P Martin’s Jill, Glenlyon, 87; 4, J Casey’s Shep, Largie, 85; 5, D Galbraith’s Craig, Comrie, 80; 6, J Wright’s Gyp, Doune, 78.

Hartside (Judge: J MacDougall, Milton of Buchanan) Nursery – 18 ran – 1, S Morgan’s Tess, West Linton, 81; 2, GC Gardner’s Nan, Lesmahagow, 80; 3, I Fleming’s Kim, Douglas, 69 Outbye; 4, H Brown’s Cap, Coulter, 69; 5, K Blackwood’s Mist, Abington, 68; 6, D Smith’s Ross, Lanark, 65; 7, R Henderson’s Bill, Crawford, 64; 8, J L’Etang’s Moss, Slamannan, 61 Outbye; 9, J McRobert’s Bill, Tweedsmuir, 61; 10, RB Henderson’s Lad, Heriot, 56. Novice – 1, K Blackwood’s Mist, Abington, 68; 2, R Reid’s Sky, Carnwath, 58; 3, K Blackwood’s Jill, Abington, 50.

Awhirk I (Judge: E Craig, Carsphairn) Nursery – 11 ran – 1, A Stewart’s Kemi Ruby, Lockerbie, 72; 2, J Paterson’s Jim, Kirkcowan, 68; 3, S McCrindle’s Raine, Palnackie, 67; 4, I McMillan’s Straid Zac, Newton Stewart, 66; 5, J Mitchell’s Paige, New Luce, 65; 6, D Mitchell’s Kate, Stranraer, 64; 7, I McMillan’s Dykecroft Fly, Newton Stewart, 61.

Awhirk II (Judge:W Anderson, Stranraer) Nursery – 11 ran – 1, J Mitchell’s Paige, New Luce, 92; 2, D Mitchell’s Kate, Stranraer, 84; 3, S McCrindle’s Raine, Palnackie, 83; 4, I McMillan’s Straid Zac, Newton Stewart, 77; 5, A Stewart’s Kemi Ruby, Lockerbie, 58; 6, I McMillan’s Dykecroft Fly, Newton Stewart, 55;

Northumberland League – Whitfield (Judge: Thos. Longton, Quernmore) Nursery – 18 ran – 1, D Henderson’s Burndale Storm, Allendale, 89; 2, P Telfer’s Telf Jill, Haydon Bridge, 79; 3, D Henderson’s Burndale Sleet, Allendale, 78; 4, B Jordan’s Burndale Cis, Whitfield,77; 5, K Preston’s Scruff, Cathpair,72; 6, D Henderson’s Burndale Sweep, Allendale, 66. Novice – C Smith’s Jack, Northumberland, 51.

Championship – 1, K Preston’s Scruff, Cathpair, 92; 2, B Jordan’s Burndale Cis, Whitfield, 91; 3, P Telfer’s Telf Jill, Haydon Bridge, 85; 4, D Henderson’s Burndale Storm, Allendale, 82; 5, P Turnbull’s Chip, Debdon, 77.League champion - B Jordan’s Burndale Cis, Whitfield. League new handler – S Pearson’s Hettie, Northumberland.