MORE than 140 Blackface sheep enthusiasts were forward for Lanark and Peebles Blackface Sheep Breeders' Association's annual stockjudging event at Lanark Agricultural Centre, where Jock Jackson, Pole, Lochgoilhead, placed the winners.

Sheep were supplied from Easter Happrew (ewes); Mitchellhill (gimmers); Kingledores (aged rams); Hartside (ewes); Troloss (ewe hoggs); Nunnerie (one-crop ewes); Gosland (aged tups) and Midlock (gimmers).

Overall champion and best pen came from Alasdair and David MacArthur's Nunnerie flock from Elvanfoot in the shape of one-crop ewes. Reserve champion was a ewe from Malcolm Coubrough, Hartside.

The Wights from Midlock took the top two awards at the confined show of tup hoggs which was also judged by Mr Jackson.


Stockjudging – Gents – 1, Tom Robertson (379 points); 2, Andrew Robertson (365 points); 3= Donald and Jimmy MacGregor (361 points). Ladies – 1, Kirstyn Blackwood (344 points); 2, Una Hodge (326 points); 3, Heather Gray (319 points).

YFC/young breeders (up to 27) – 1, David MacArthur (359 points); 2, Tam Renwick (348 points); 3, Kirstyn Blackwood (344 points). Under 14s – 1, William Taylor (318 points); 2, Blair Bell (306 points); 3, Andrews Brown (277 points).

Confined show of tups and tup hoggs. Shearling and above – 1, RE Wood and Sons, Kingledores; 2 and 3, DC and JJ Marshall, Gosland. Tup hoggs – 1 and 2, J Wight and Sons, Midlock; 3, Firm of Shawhead, Shawhead.