Time gave Kelsey Keith’s Skye the edge over equally pointed Jock MacKenzie’s Jones, on a fine day at Mey nursery.

The Cheviot gimmers could be light to handle and were inclined to bolt at the end of the fetch to make for a familiar gate.

An encouraging whistle took Kelsey’s unregistered Skye to her sheep and she lifted them nicely, but they bolted down the fetch, making for the gate, but Skye stopped them and although she had a good drive, they went off line on the return to the pen. The gimmers broke round the pen before Skye eventually secured them, but a good shed set the seal on the winning run.

Jock’s Jones ran out and lifted well, but the gimmers went off line before the fetch gate. Jones turned them neatly round Jock, but they went off line on the drive away and had to be realigned before the gate; the cross drive went well, but the gimmers bolted away and had to be gathered up. They went round the pen three times before they were penned and it took time to achieve a good shed and second place.

Ewen Mackinnon led the open class, with Buddy and Midge, respectively, also level on points.

Both dogs had very good runs with just very minor wavers on the course. Buddy started very well and had difficulties at the pen before he eventually secured his sheep and completed the winning run with a clean shed, while Midge stopped slightly short on her outrun, impacting on the lift. Outbye work put Buddy ahead and Midge in second place.

LEADING awards

Sanquhar (Judge: H Brown, Coulter). Open (65 ran) – 1, P Martin (Glenlyon) Daisy, 94; 2, AR Mundell (Moffat) Taff, 93; 3, SL Davidson (Sandbank) Gillieglen Queen, 92; 4, SL Davidson's Lee, 91; 5, G Carnochan (Coylton) Fleet, 90; 6, SL Davidson's Kyle, 86. Confined – 1, T Blacklock (Kirkconnel) Del, 65; 2, T Blacklock's Ollie, 50.

Moffat (Judge: J Hastie, Saline). Open (63 ran) – 1, SL Davidson (Sandbank) Gillieglen Queen, 91; 2, CM Magnusson (Mid Derry) Kemi Sally, 90; 3, CM Magnusson's Sprout, 89; 4, P Martin (Glenlyon) Jill, 87; 5, AD Carnegie (Comrie) Linburn Rook, 86; 6, P Martin's Daisy, 80.

May (Judge, T. McPhee, Wick). Nursery (16 ran) – 1, K Keith (Durness ) Skye, 76 Time; 2, J McKenzie (Ardormie) Jones, 76; 3, H Johnstone (Fyvie) Kyle, 74; 4, T Robertson (Barrock) Kate, 69; 5, W. Cormack (Dunnet) Ben, 65; 6, W Cormack's Roy, 64. Open (30 ran) – 1, EC MacKinnon (Lochcarron) Buddy, 90 outbye; 2, EC MacKinnon's Midge, 90; 3, MC Shearer (Westfield) Roy, 87; 4, MC Shearer's Tib, 86; 5, W Cormack's Jill, 86; 6, H MacLean (Culloden) Moss, 85.