The poultry section at this year’s LiveScot saw a particularly good entry of females lead the way.

Brother and sister team, Jim Finlayson and Hazel Dickson, took on the judging of this section and their champion came from the hard feather bantam section, when John Dunbar, from Blackwood, and his old English game female took the red white and blue rosette.

“She is an outstanding specimen, with a great shape and markings, handles well and is in excellent condition,” explained Hazel.

The reserve supreme came from the junior section, when Finlay Frame, Coalburn, got that for his fawn and white, Indian Runner drake. This youngster was 'one for the future'.


Large fowl – Welsummer female, Sandy Hamilton.

Bantam heavy breed – German Langshan male, D and K Lindsey

Bantam light breed – White Leghorn female, Paul Brennan.

True bantam – Gold Dutch female, John Dunbar.

Waterfowl – Saxony female, Mary Leggat.

Ladies – Mallard call male, Caroline McCormick.

Trios – Call ducks, Caroline McCormick.

Best junior – Finlay Frame, Indian Runner drake.

Best eggs – Joyce and Keiran Black, three duck eggs.