WITH THREE consecutive LiveScot wins, the name of Wilson Peters will join an elite few who have won the SNFC's big trophy three times – and the crowd just loved his reaction to that final slap on the rump.

That was for A'Dora Derriere, a May, 2017-born heifer by the Limousin sire, Powerhouse Harlequin, which had won her way through from the heavy heifer section before the judge, Jason Wareham, added the final icing on the cake in that last tense few moments.

But as a slaughterhouse owner who is also a breeder and finisher, who takes his stock from farm to fork through his farm shops, Mr Wareham certainly knows a good prime animal. "Anybody would be delighted to have a heifer of this quality in their show team. And she won through from a tremendous show of cattle, many of them at that handy weight which is ideal for the quality meat job," he said.

Hitting the scales at 590kg, the heifer takes with her to her final destination with Anthony Kitson, for the family butcher's business in Yorkshire, a whole kist full of prizes won throughout the summer when he bought her for £3300.

Originally bought at the spring show in Aberdeen for £3500 from John and Craig Robertson, of Newton of Logierait, she's more than paid her way in the prize-winning stakes, going on to be the first prize light heifer at the Royal Highland, before knocking all comers out of the park at both Doune and Dunblane, Braco and Kinross shows, with a reserve title at Perth adding to that forest of rosettes.

Mr Wilson also took the main silverware in the butcher's cattle classes home to Cuilt Farm House, Monzie – this time with a 562kg Limousin cross heifer.

It was also a great event for the new kids on the block, Craig and Teen Malone, who had a rake of prizes throughout the catalogue, including being reserve overall with their steer champion. They've been making a name for themselves producing quality stock to sell off Pitcairn, at Cardenden, but it was one they'd bought in for further showing at Caledonian Marts' September sale, Prince Harry, which produced the goods.

He had cost them £2600 after he was reserve at that show and sale, with Craig doing the judging. Sold at Stirling by Alan and Shona Stevenson, Sunnyside and Carbello, Cumnock, he was purchased by them as a calf at foot along with his Limousin cross mother from John McAlister, West Thomaston. Prince Harry was recently first at the AgriExpo, in Carlisle, and though entered to compete at the Welsh Winter Fair, in Builth Wells, was sold at the event for £2200 to local butchers, Howieson of Newmains.

The runner-up to that one in the steer section, was the top lightweight, Coolio, from Hugh Dunlop, Holehouse, Cumnock, and shown by son Stewart. This home-bred son of the Limousin sire, Millbrook D'Artagnan and out of a home-bred Limousin cross dam, was on on his first show outing before heading down to the Welsh WF where he was to be offered for sale.

The same position in the females went to Alister and Liz Vance's heavyweight reserve, Too Glam to Give a Damn, from Bridgehouse, Whithorn. Way back in the spring they'd paid £3950 to get this Limousin cross British Blue heifer, by Artnagullion Icepop, from the Stevens family at the Brecon show stars sale and she has rewarded them with a sideboard of silverware throughout the summer at local events, including winning the inter-breed at Stranraer, and being reserve at Ayr and Dumfries shows.

Another Limousin cross, Candyman, from Iain Lammie, Longhouse, Cumnock, was reserve lightweight steer. Bred by James Morrison, Newtack, Keith, this one is by Haltcliffe Donny and had been bought for a modest £1500 at the Thainstone Spectacular sale in September – this was his first outing since.

A Cally-bought calf came up trumps for James Little and Katrina Donaldson,The Guards, Ireby, Wigton, when winning the reserve heavy steer title. Bought in the spring from Wester Thomaston, he has since been first at the Great Yorkshire, and then senior champion at both Countryside Live and AgriExpo shows.

Leading the light heifer section was Neil Slack, Plum Tree House, Penrith, with the home-bred Red Velvet, by the Limousin sire, Rossignol. Shown by Hannah Brown, she'll be retained for further showing next summer.

Mr Slack also bred Black Panther, a June,2017-born son of the British Blue sire, Brindley Blackstar out of a Charolais cross dam, which went on to be placed by Jamie Scott, of John Scot Meats, as the Housewives' Choice champion

Reserve light heifer was Jim McMillan and Bridget Borlase's Scally, from Sacombe, Herts. This is a Newton of Logierait-bred Limousin cross by Penthryn Jacob, which had been placed at AgriExpo.

Top calf title for Malones

She's a Belter lived up to her name in the LiveScot commercial calf competition by taking the main prize for Craig and Teen Malone, with Sarah Wareham – the wife of the senior classes' judge, Jason – doing the choosing from the middle of the ring.

Adding to their prize haul from the 'big' classes was one that Craig had bought privately after judging her with her dam at Carnwath Show, where she'd been entered by David and Hazel Erskine, Gillbank, Carluke. This was the first time the Limousin cross, by Connon, had been shown since then but she was also heading down to Wales.

Reserve overall was Ali Jackson's Apples Shakira, from Maulscastle, Cummertrees, Annan. Bought at Dumfries after being champion there for £4100, she was to be shown in Wales before further showing next summer. Bred by Gary Bell, Haas-Side, Lockerbie, she is by the Limousin sire, Elrick Jackal and out of a British Blue cross dam.

Bred champion was The Captain, a distinctive red calf shown by Ewan and Ewan MacGillivray, Barcaldine Home Farm, Barcaldine, Oban. By the Limousin sire, Lodge Hamlet, he was also out of a British Blue cross dam.

Champions at a glance:

Light steer champion – Hugh Dunlop, Holehouse; reserve – Iain Lammie, Longhouse.

Heavy steer – C and K Malone, Pitcairn; reserve – Little and Donaldson, The Guards.

Overall steer – C and K Malone; reserve – Hugh Dunlop.

Light heifer – Neil Slack, Plum Tree; reserve – J McMillan and B Borlase, Sacombe Hill.

Heavy heifer – Wilson Peters, Cuilt; reserve – Alister and Liz Vance, Bridgehouse.

Overall heifer – Wilson Peters; reserve – Alister and Liz Vance.

Supreme champion – Wilson Peters, Cuilt; reserve – C and K Malone.

Overall lightweight – Neil Slack; reserve – Hugh Dunlop.

Overall heavyweight – Wilson Peters; reserve – C and K Malone.

Pure Aberdeen-Angus – G and A McFadzean, Woodhead of Mailer.

Pure Galloway – JM and SM Priestley, Cracrop.

Pure Hereford – Harvey Bros, Balfron.

Overall pure native – JM and SM Priestley (Galloway)

Best by native sire – JM and SM Priestley.

Pure Charolais – Hodges Livestock, Dykes.

Overall pure continental – T Laird and Son, Carbello.

Overall pure – T Laird and Son.

Best bred by exhibitor – Dermot Small, Irvington Close.

Best pair: Blair Duffton and Rebecca Stuart.

Housewives' Choice – Neil Slack.


Judge: Jason Wareham, Little Totlingworth, Broadoak, Heathfield.

A-A sired steer – 1, J Paterson, Garrionhaugh; 2, G and A McFadzean, Woodhead of Mailer.

Galloway sired steer – JM and SM Priestley, Cracrop; 2, J and S Ross, Romesbeoch; 3, P Hunter Blair.

AO native sired steer – 1, G and A McFadzean (Lincoln Red); 2, Harvey Bros, Balfron (Hereford).

Continental cross light steer – H Dunlop, Holehouse; 2, I Lammie, Longhouse; 3, Miss S Dunn, Willowbank.

Charolais cross light steer – 1, J Nisbet, Sorn Mains; 2, Neil Slack, Plum Tree; 3, R Reid, High Unthank.

Limousin cross light steer – B Duffton and R Stuart, Huntly; 2, J Nisbet and J MacKay; 3, B Duffton and R Stuart.

Limousin cross intermediate steer – C and K Malone, Pitcairn; 2, W Peters, Cuilt; 3, RJ Wright, Bedlands Gate.

Limousin cross heavy steer – 1, Little and Donaldson, The Guards; 2 and 3, A and E Vance, Bridgehouse.

AO continental cross steer – 1, B Duffton and R Stuart; 2, N Slack; 3, RJ Wright.

Native cross heifer – 1, J and S Ross; 2, HJ and S Ross, Romesbeoch.

Light continental cross heifer – 1, N Slack; 2, J McMillan and B Borlase, Sacombe Hill; 3, Miss J MacKay, Harelaw.

Charolais cross heifer – D Small, Irvington; 3, Renton and Reddon, Stuartslaw; 3, Hodges Livestock, Dykes.

Limousin cross light heifer – 1, W Peters; 2, Wilodge, Lodgehill; 3, A Ewing, Dumbretton.

Limousin cross intermediate heifer – 1, W Peters; 2, T Laird and Son; 3, RJ Wright.

Limousins cross heavy heifer – 1, A and E Vance; 3, S and L Bett, Newmills; 3, D Morrison, Cairn Nulla.

British blue cross heifer – 1, RJ Wright; 2, J Nisbet; 3, Barker and Johnston, Middle Bank End.

Butchers cattle

Judge: Jamie Scott, John Scott Meats, Sandyford Road, Paisley.

Champion – Wilson Peters; reserve – D and P Blair, Littleinch.

Opposite sex to champion – D and P Blair.

Heaviest – Craig Ferguson, Riverdale.

Steer – 1, D and P Blair; 2, C Ferguson; 3, J Wight, Townfoot.

Heifer – 1, W Peters; 2, G Scott, Gateside; 3, G McFadzean.

Commercial calves

Judge: Mrs Sarah Wareham, Little Totlingworth.

Champion – C and K Malone; reserve – A Jackson, Maulscastle.

Best bred – E MacGillivray, Barcaldine.

Light heifer – 1, B Harper, Greenwells; 2, A Morton, Lochend; 3, Hodges Livestock, Dykes.

Heavy heifer – 1, C and K Malone; 2, A Jackson; 3, A Ireland, Feoch.

Light steer – 1, Miss S Dick, Westerton; 2, B Harper; 3, P and K Brannen, Scartop.

Heavy steer – 1, E MacGillivray; 2, H Dunlop; 3, A Jackson.

Cattle young handlers – 1, Miss Amy Vance, Bridgehouse; 1, Logan Ross, Romesbeoch; 3, Gregor Vance, Bridgehouse.

Galloway cattle young handlers – 1, McKenzie Ross, Romesbeoch; 2, Logan Ross; 3, Andrew Hunter Blair, Nether Cleugh.

Young stocksperson competition – Miss Stephanie Dick; 2, Louise Allan; 3, Beth Harvey.