RONNIE Mackie had a busy few days as official judge of the Scottish and Northern Charolais Herds competition, but he soon found his champion winners in Bill Bruce's Perthshire-based Balmyle unit, which first won the large herds section.

Reserve was small herds' winner, DG MacKenzie's Thurso herd from South Mains of Tillymorgan, Culsamon, Aberdeendeenshire.

LEADING awards

Stockbull – Champion – Harestone Jacquard; reserve Balthayock Loyalist.

Stockman/herd manager – Champion – Jim Cowan, Kersknowe.

Large herds – Champion – Balmyle; reserve – Kersknowe

Best cow with bull calf – Champion – Elgin Gertrude and Elgin Olly; reserve – Harestone Ivy and Harestone Orinocco.

Cow with heifer calf – Champion – Kersknowe Imogen and Kerseknowe Ocean; reserve Elgin Ginger and Elgin Nosey; honourable mention, Balthayock Isabella and Balthayock Organdie.

Bulling heifer group (18-24months) – Champion – Harestone; reserve – Kersknowe; honourable mention – Balthayock.

Medium herds – Champion – Elrick; reserve – Newhouse.

Cow and bull calf – Champion – Elrick Idona and Elrick Oblivion; reserve – Mornity Lauren and Mornity Olly.

Cow and heifer calf – Champion – Newhouse Jeanny and Newhouse Olivia; reserve Ugie Erin and Firhills Orient.

Bulling heifer group – Champion – Elrick; reserve – Newhouse.

Small herds – Champion – Thurso; reserve Forglen.

Cow with bull calf – Champion – Thurso Fifi and Thurso Neptune; reserve – Forglen Jenny and Forglen Ohio.

Cow with heifer calf – Champion – Thurso Jessica and Thurso Neve; reserve – Westcarse Imogen and Forglen Orchid.

Bulling heifer group – Champion – Thurso.