A clean start and finish gave Jim Mitchell’s Paige the edge over an otherwise similar run at Boreland of Lockerbie.

The Cheviot gimmers ran very well on a course set across the side of a hill, but they proved tricky at hand. Dogs that got off to a good start saw the advantage of that on the course.

Paige (P Williams’ Sweep, SC Waymen’s Meg) had a clean start, worked well on the course, with slight wavers here and there, but a clean pen and shed gave Paige the extra edge needed to win first place.

Chris Caygill’s Seth (JR Welsh’s Tanhill Sam, CJ Caygill’s Dot) had a similar run, but very minor points dropped on the pen and shed put Seth in to second place.

The cheviot hoggs at Airtnoch were released downhill from the handler, but in reaction to young dogs coming too tight on to them, they were inclined to run from the post and their initial encounter tended to colour their subsequent relationship on the course.

Chloe Cropper’s Derwen Gus (DK Evans’ Jim, G Jones’ Derwen Blue) ran out a little short and was tight at the top which affected the lift, but her fetch was top notch. The lines of the drive were not straight, but Gus got his gates and had a clean pen.

Chloe let the sheep stray some distance before she started the shed and let opportunities go by before she called Gus in to make a successful split, but when the job was done it was enough for the lead at the first trial of the North Ayrshire season.

Davie Kinloch’s Zak (N Campbell’s Gus, D Kinloch’s Denwyn Gwen) too, was tight on his sheep, which impacted on the lift. He managed to stay on course very well and got all his obstacles, but his style was somewhat rushed and untidy. Although Zak was moving the sheep round the course at speed, Davie seemed unready for them at the pen, but eventually secured them within and finished the run with a good shed and second place.

In the second trial at Kockgerran, Jamie Shennan’s Rose (B White’s Malta Glen, C Chambelayne’s Bessie) ran out, lifted and fetched cleanly, and had minor wavers on the first leg of the drive. Although the ewes went low on the cross drive and a break at pen detracted further from the standard achieved, with solid, good work in the bank, Rose finished well out in front of the field and earned first place on home ground.

Again, Willie Welsh’s Doug (B Smith’s Zac, A Blackmore’s Rosewood Class) ran out, lifted and fetched cleanly, but he fell out of line on the drive and had a break at the pen. A clean shed cemented his second place.

Straight lines and neat turns gave Dean Aitken and Tweeddale Vicky their third consecutive win, this time at Uppercleugh, Lockerbie.

The texel cross ewes were a challenge for the young dogs who coped well, but the ewes could be flighty if the dogs were too quick on approach. The slightly rising course had no fetch gates.

Tweeddale Vicky (E Gray Tweeddale Jamie, D Aitken’s Tami) ran out cleanly and lifted smoothly. There were small line deviations on the fetch, but Vicky worked very well on the course. Stubborn ewes caused a little difficulty at the pen, but the run finished on a clean shed and first place.

Allan Common’s Braan (A Owen’s Llangwm Cap, A Jones’ Aeron Floss) too, ran out cleanly and was doing well until the ewes went through the first drive gates, but a very tight turn saw them coming back through the gates and that cost Allan the trial. The cross drive went well, and although, again there was some difficulty at the pen, Braan finished on a clean shed and second place.

Murray Common’s Cowlow Rosie (GRN Saxon’s Cammen Rip, I Hulme’s Cowlow Fan) ran out and lifted cleanly and fetched the sheep on a good line. She had a very good drive and although she was a little off line on the cross drive, she got her gates. The pen was clean and a great shed completed the leading novice run.

The sun shone on a snow covered field running uphill at Ardormie, so not only was the action clearly visible for the open trial, but picturesque too. Packets of three easy care hoggs behaved well, but they could be drawn from the drive away towards an exit route and points were often lost on the cross drive and at the pen.

Mosse Magnusson Kemi Sally (A Lehtio’s Kemi Rhys, DK Evans’ Meg) had a good outrun and lift and some small wavers on the fetch. The drive went well, although the line of the cross drive was a little high. The pen was good but Sally had problems getting the last sheep off at the single, but once that was done, she earned first place.

George Simpson’s Elwy Rodger (J Richardson’s Shep, AH Roberts’s Morag) worked steadily round the course with minor points dropped over the piece, but an unsuccessful first attempt at the single, before the job was restarted and completed properly, made a small hole in a very good run and took second place, ahead of equally pointed third, on outbye work.

Lotta Magnusson Liz (RJ Hutchinson’s Sweep, L Magnusson’s Kate) ran out well and although she took some time to lift her sheep, she had a good fetch. The hoggs wanted to make for the gate from the first leg of the drive, so they went off line there, but Liz got them back and through the gate.

The line of the cross drive was a little low but again, they went through the gate and turned neatly. Liz had a good pen and although it took some time to shed off the single, it ended well, with Liz in third.

On a bright, breezy day at Knockgerran, the course was set on a rolling and gently rising field. The mules needed to be held, but not pushed too much and were inclined to bolt down the fetch, but they were good to drive, although they were tricky to pen.

Ian Fergie’s Craig (M McTeir’s Bob, A Sim’s Flo) ran out and lifted cleanly and although the sheep slipped the fetch gates, they were otherwise on course. Craig kept good lines on the drive, but one ewe slipped by the cross drive gates. A clean pen and shed set the seal on the winning run.

Kenny Donald’s Kemi Sia (DK Evans’ Kemi Ross and Vicky) also got off to a clean start and kept a straight line on the fetch. The lines of the drive wavered offline at times, but a few breaks before the ewes finally went into the pen, cost Sia the trial. A clean shed ensured the run took second place.

Smooth lines on the course and good work putting the sheep through the chute gave Dean Aiken’s Tweeddale Vicky a comfortable lead at Gaups Mill, Moniaive.

The packets of five blackface hoggs were good to handle round the flat course and with no fetch gates and a chute replacing a pen, the trial allowed the young dogs to prove themselves.

Tweeddale Vicky ran out and lifted smoothly. She fetched the sheep on a good line at a nice pace, with just slight deviations. She turned them nicely and had a good drive, with only minor wavers. At the chute, the hoggs were a little unsettled, so Dean and Vicky had to work to put them through, but they succeeded, and a clean shed completed the winning run.

Duncan Robertson’s Derwen Roy (S Holt’s Highbeck Blake, G Jones’ Derwen Mali) ran out and lifted cleanly, and although the hoggs wavered from the line of the fetch, the drive went very well. A good chute followed, and although they had a few difficulties in the shed, once it was made, Roy took second place.

Murray Common’s Queen (DK Evans’ Flock, C Harding’s Fly) ran out and lifted cleanly and fetched the sheep on a steady, straight line. She turned them and drove them away, and although they drifted off line, she put them through the gates and made a good cross drive. The hoggs were settled so Murray achieved a clean chute, and although the shed was hard work, Queen led the novice section.

LEADING awards

Knockgerran, Barr (Judge: S Rae, Dalmellington). Nursery – 14 ran – 1, J Shennan’s Rose, Barr, 93; 2, W Welsh’s Doug, Dalcairney, 88; 3, N Gillon’s Burndale Lass, Dailly, 81; 4, JR Welsh’s Sonny, Dalrymple, 79; 5, I Fergie’s Craig, Straiton,75; 6, C Derwent’s Dot, Dumfries House, 72 outbye; 7, G Hodge’s Tom, Barrhill, 72.

Boreland of Lockerbie (Judge: B Welsh, Moniaive). Nursery – 13 ran – 1, J Mitchell’s Paige, New Luce, 87; 2, C Caygill’s Seth, Whinnyliggate, 85; 3, J Paterson’s Jim, Kirkcowan, 83; 4, D Mitchell’s Pip, New Luce, 78; 5, J McGowan’s Tony, Portpatrick, 76; 6, C Armstrong’s Misty, Archbank,75; 7, A Stewart’s Jim, Lockerbie,70; 8, C Caygill’s Kimi, Whinnyliggate, 63; 9, G Mitchell’s Sweep, New Luce, 57; 10, S McCrindle’s Jade, Palnackie, 54.

Bettyknowes (Judge: B White, Dalry). Nursery – 13 ran – 1, D Robertson’s Derwen Roy, Langholm, 86; 2, D Aitken’s Tweeddale Vicky, Lockerbie, 84; 3, J Thomson’s Nell, Penpont, 77; 4, J Thomson’s Tom, Penpont, 73 outbye; 5, JA Common’s Braan, Lockerbie, 73; 6, AR Mundell’s Roy, Moffat, 60; 7, H Jackson’s Ruby, Penpont; 8, D Aitken’s Midge, Lockerbie. Novice – 1, J Thomson’s Drift, Penpont, 90; 2, M Wilson’s Jill, Corsock, 86; 3, JM Common’s Cowlow Rosie, Lockerbie, 83; 4, JM Common’s Queen, Lockerbie,76; 5, M Forster’s Meg, Shawhead, 68.

Airtnoch (Judge: J Henderson, Fairlie). Nursery – 23 ran – 1, C Cropper’s Derwen Gus, Drimsynie,79; 2, D Kinloch’s Zak, Kilsyth, 77; 3, SL Davidson’s Maid, Sandbank, 75 Outbye; 4, C Toner’s Maid, Drimsynie, 75; 5, SL Davidson’s Kyle, Sandbank, 72; 6, C Toner’s Derwen Nell, Drimsynie, 69; 7, R Middleton’s Jean, Dunlop, 66; 8, I Lockhart’s Duke, Carsphairn, 59; 9, N Docherty’s Sweep, Bute, 57.

Northumberland League

Chathill (Judge: J Robinson, Springhill). Nursery – 20 ran – 1, P Turnbull’s Chip, Debdon, 86; 2, B Jordan’s Tuff, Whitfield, 84; 3, P Telfer’s Telf Jill Haydon Bridge, 83 Outbye; 4, E Gray’s Telf Joff, Great Elsdon, 83; 5, E Gray’s Nessie, Great Elsdon, 82 outbye; 6, C Balmbro’s Liz, Wooler, 82. Novice – S Pearson’s Gelert, Morpeth, 75. New handler – J Scott’s Roy.

Springhill (Judge: K Lyon, Denholm). Nursery – 14 ran – 1, J Robinson’s Quin, Coldingham, 93; 2, C Dickson’s Stuart, Coldingham, 91; 3, WS Elliot’s Branshaws Cap, Yetholm, 81; 4, M McTeir’s Dan, Stow, 76; 5, M Arres’ Rob, Ashkirk, 66; 6, M Arres’ Jock, Ashkirk, 62; 7, G Pate’s Misty, Humbie, 60; 8, P Howe’s Jack, Hawick, 55. Novice – 1, G Pate’s Misty, Humbie, 60.

Ardormie (Judge: A Wilkie, Glenmoy). Open – 35 ran – 1, CM Magnusson’s Kemi Sally, Mid Derry, 90; 2, G Simpson’s Elwy Rodger, Forgue, 89; 3, L Magnusson’s Liz, Mid Derry, 89; 4, AD Carnegie’s Linburn Rook, Comrie, 87; 5, P Martin’s Daisy, Glenlyon, 84; 6, G Simpson’s Lad, Forgue, 81.

Bargennoch (Judge: N Gillon, Dailly). Open – 50 ran – 1, CM Magnusson’s Kemi Sally, Mid Derry, 91; 2, L Hinnekens’ Meg, Auchterarder, 86; 3, N McVicar’s Mist, Benmore, 85; 4, L Magnusson’s Liz, Mid Derry, 84 outbye; 5, K Cropper’s Bute, Shap, 84; 6, E Gray’s Tweeddale Jamie,76 (£330 raised for 2019 Scottish National fund).

Knockgerran, Barr (Judge: I Lockhart, Dalrymple). Nursery – 14 ran – I Fergie’s Craig, Straiton, 90; 2, K Donald’s Sia, Dalrymple, 87; 3, J Shennan’s Floss, Barr, 84; 4, J Shennan’s Rose, Barr, 77; 5, JR Welsh’s Sonny, Dalrymple, 76; 6, C Derwent’s Dot, Dumfries House, 71;

Uppercleugh (Judge: P Turnbull, Debdon). Nursery – 13 ran – 1, D Aitken’s Tweeddale Vicky, Lockerbie, 82; 2, JA Common’s Braan, Lockerbie, 81; 3, D Robertson’s Derwen Roy, Langholm, 72; 4, D Aitken’s Midge, Lockerbie, 67 outbye; 5, J Thomson’s Nell, Penpont, 67; 6, J Thomson’s Tom, Penpont, 61 ; 7, H Jackson’s Ruby, Penpont, 57. Novice – 1, JM Common’s Cowlow Rosie, Lockerbie, 90; 2, J Thomson’s Drift, Penpont, 88; 3, JM Common’s Queen, Lockerbie, 87.

Gaups Mill (Judge: I Lockhart, Dalrymple) Nursery – 14 ran – 1, D Aitken’s Tweeddale Vicky, Lockerbie, 81; 2, D Robertson’s Derwen Roy, Langholm, 75; 3, JA Common’s Braan, Lockerbie, 71; 4, D Aitken’s Midge, Lockerbie, 68; 5, J Thomson’s Tom, Penpont, 64; 6, J Thomson’s Nell, Penpont ; 7, H Jackson’s Clyde, Penpont. Novice – 1, JM Common’s Queen, Lockerbie, 82; 2, M Wilson’s Jill, Corsock, 81; 3, JM Common’s Cowlow Rosie, Lockerbie, 79; 4, J Thomson’s Drift, Penpont, 69; 5, M Forster’s Meg, Shawhead, 55.