Good driving on a windy day gave Johnnie Robinson’s Quin a win at Dryden.

The wind made the Cheviot hoggs flighty, affected dogs’ hearing and driving into the wind some young dogs retired on the long drive.

Quin was short on his outrun and lifted a little off line, affecting the start of the fetch, but once he aligned the sheep, he worked well and achieved a good drive. A clean pen followed, but at the shed, although one hogg broke as Quin came in, he made his shed and earned first place.

Fit Blackface hoggs ran well on a flat field at Thornhill, but they could stray from the post and the wind affected hearing.

Kevin Howlett’s Spot ran out well, but the hoggs had drifted, so Kevin stopped Spot short to put the sheep on line and he fetched them on a straight line. The first leg of the drive was difficult and three hoggs missed the gate, but the run went well from there until the pen, where Spot had to work very hard to put them inside; he succeeded and completed his winning run with a good, quick shed.

The mule ewes were light to move on a cold, breezy forenoon, for the first of two trials on one day at Upper Barr. Although they were easily managed on the course, it needed care to put them into the pen, and they did not like pressure from dog or handler.

Jamie Shennan’s Floss ran out cleanly over the flat, 220 yd outrun, but she was hesitant to lift. She kept a straight line on the fetch, but the ewes split at the gate, so only two went through. The lines wavered on the drive, and the ewes were low on the cross drive, but they went through the gates. There were breaks before Floss eventually penned. When the shed was made, after a little hesitation, Floss took first place.

The afternoon was cold and dreich, with wind, mist and rain.

Jock Welsh’s Sonny was wide on his outrun and a little slow to lift but he had an excellent fetch. The ewes were low on the cross drive but Sonny put them through the gates. He penned after a very small break and completed the winning run with a clean shed.

The course at Bettyknowes rose gently to the top of the field and had a left hand drive; a chute replaced the pen. The Blackface hoggs were very good to handle. Early fog delayed the start of the trial, but cleared away to let the trial begin and be completed before nightfall.

Duncan Robertson’s Derwen Roy ran out on a good line to the back of his sheep and lifted them flawlessly. He fetched on a good line with just minor wavers. The hoggs moved at a good pace and Roy turned them up the first leg of the drive, through the gates and onto the cross drive, on a good line and through the second gates. Despite a little difficulty at the chute, Duncan and Roy worked hard and put the sheep through. A good shed completed the winning run.

LEADING awards:

Birthwood (Judge A. Dickman, Oxton) Nursery (28 ran) – 1, I.M. Brownlie (Deuchrie) Templehill Oz, 87; 2, H. Brown (Coulter) Mac, 76; 3, J. Hill (Heriot) Bill, 73; 4, J. Hill (Heriot) Liz, 69; 5, D. Smith (Lanark) Ross, 67 Outbye; 6, R. Henderson (Crawford) Duke, 67; Novice (9 ran) 1, T. McInley (Coulter) Pat, 74; 2, K. Blackwood (Sanquhar) Jill, 72; 3, K. Aitchison (Mossdale) Beth, 60.

Bettyknowes (Judge B. White, Dalry) Nursery (13 ran) – 1, D. Robertson (Langholm) Derwen Roy, 86; 2, D. Aitken (Lockerbie) Tweeddale Vicky, 84; 3, J Thomson (Penpont) Nell, 77; 4, J Thomson (Penpont) Tom,73 Outbye; 5, JA Common (Lockerbie) Braan, 73; 6, A.R. Mundell (Moffat) Roy, 60; Novice – 1, J Thomson (Penpont) Drift, 90; 2, M. Wilson (Corsock) Jill, 86; 3, J.M. Common (Lockerbie) Cowlow Rosie, 83; 4, J.M. Common (Lockerbie) Queen, 76; 5, M. Forster (Shawhead) Meg, 68.

Dryden (Judge D. Henderson, Allendale) Nursery (14 ran) – 1, J. Robinson (Coldingham) Quin, 83; 2, M. McTeir (Fountainhall) Dan, 80; 3, WS. Elliot (Yetholm) Branshaws Cap, 71; 4, C. Dickson (Coldingham) Stuart, 68; 5, A. Dickman (Oxton) Haverhill Sweep, 57; 6, M Arres (Ashkirk) Jock, 52; Novice – 1, G. Pate (Humbie) Misty.

Moss Side, Thornhill (Judge J. MacDougal, Milton of Buchannan) Nursery (20 ran) 1, K. Howlett (Comrie) Spot, 82; 2, C.M. Magnusson (Mid Derry) Wheatwood Bee, 79; 3, M. Watt (Kirriemuir) Nap,77; 4, S. MacFarlane (Blairgowrie) Willow, 76; 5, A.D. Carnegie (Comrie) Bill,71; 6, S. Martin (Cashlie) Mo, 69; Novice (4 ran) 1, D. Shepherd (Dunkeld) Wisp, 76.

Bute (Judge, N. McVicar, Benmore) Nursery (22 ran) – 1, C. Toner (Drimsynie) Maid,79; 2, S.L. Davidson (Sandbank) Kyle, 74; 3, C. Cropper (Drimsynie) Derwen Gus, 70 Outbye; 4, S.L. Davidson (Sandbank) Maid, 70 Outbye; 5, C. Toner (Drimsynie) Derwen Nell, 70; 6, J. Howatson (West Kilbride) Jasper, 63.

Upper Barr I (Judge M. Magnnusson, Mid Derry) Nursery (13 ran) – 1, J. Shennan (Barr) Floss, 78; 2, J.R. Welsh (Dalrymple) Sonny, 76; 3, W. Welsh (Dalcairney) Doug,74 Outbye; 4, C. Derwent (Dumfries House) Dot, 74; 5, N. Gillon (Dailly) Burndale Lass,70 Outbye; 6, I. Fergie (Straiton) Craig, 70.

Upper Barr II (Judge L. Magnnusson, Mid Derry) Nursery (13 ran) – 1, J.R. Welsh (Dalrymple) Sonny, 87; 2, I. Fergie (Straiton) Craig, 79; 3, K. Donald (Dalrymple) Kemi Sia, 75; 4, W. Welsh (Dalcairney) Doug, 71 Outbye; 5, C. Derwent (Dumfries House) Dot, 71; 6, J. Shennan (Barr) Floss, 64.