Approaching the Scottish inter-district nursery final, at Caberstone Farm, Walkerburn, Peebles, on Saturday March 2, we look at the patterns seen in the teams.

There are five pairs of litter-mates ready to run – LL and P’s Julie Hill’s Bill and Bobby Henderson’s Lad (J Hill’s Ban, P Hulburd’s Tess) and North Ayrshire’s Chloe Cropper’s Derwen Gus and Chris Toner’s Derwyn Nell (DK Evans’ Jim, G Jones’ Derwen Blue), while crossing team boundaries are North Ayrshire’s Stuart Davidson’s Maid and Kintyre’s Kevin Strachan’s Flora (B Strachan’s Sam, JC MacLachlan’s Sheila), South Ayrshire’s Ian Fergie’s Craig and Borders’ Murray McTeir’s Dan (M McTeir’s Bob, A Sim’s Flo) and finally, Kintyre’s Mike MacNally’s Templehall Glen and LL&P’s Ian Brownlie’s Templehall Oz (RJ Hutchinson’s Sweep, K Doig’s Jura).

Ricky Hutchinson has a third stake in the final, as his Sweep reappears in Borders’ Bill Elliot’s Branshaw’s Cap (RJ Hutchison’s Sweep, E Hill’s Kate).

Kevin Evans’ influence too, is seen in more than one dog. Joining the North Ayrshire littermates, Gus and Nell, is kennel mate, Chris’s Maid (DK Evans’ Doug, C Toner’s Marge), while Central’s Mosse Magnusson’s Wheatwood Bee (DK Evans’ Kemi Ross, IR Fowler’s Sawmill Dot) introduces another sire from the Welsh breeder.

Considering homebred dogs, Borders has three homebred dogs in the team, Murray McTeir’s Dan (M McTeir’s Bob, A Sim’s Flo), Johnnie Robinson Quin (J Robinson’s Cruz and Kate) and reserve, Paul Howe’s Queen (P Howe’s Mirk and Killiebrae Jet).

Wigtownshire matches that, with Ian McMillan’s Straid Zac (I McMillan’s Lamp, D Young’s Straid Gypsy), Alistair Stewart’s Jim (A Stewart’s Tweed and Kemi Ruby) and reserve, Chris Caygill’s Seth (JR Welsh’s Tanhill Sam, CJ Caygill’s Dot).

Kevin’s Strachan’s Flora may be classed as homebred, representing Kevin’s late father, Brian’s breeding (B Strachan’s Sam, JC McLachlan’s Sheila) and John McLachlan’s Queen (JC McLachlan’s Bill, JC McLachlan’s Jan) is another from Kintyre.

D and K’s Dean Aitken has Tweeddale Vicky (E Gray Tweeddale Jamie, D Aitken’s Tami) and in reserve, his Midge (D Aitken’s Tweeddale Buzz, R Dalziel’s Ruby).

North Ayr’s Davie Kinloch’s Zac (N Campbell’s Gus, D Kinloch’s Denwyn Gwen) and Chris Toner’s Maid (DK Evans’ Doug, C Toner’s Marge) make up that area’s contingent.

Will Cormack’s Nap (MC Shearer’s Jim, W Cormack’s Mist) is the sole North dog bred at home, Kevin Howlett’s Spot (IM Brownlie’s Boredale Gus, K Howlett’s Fly) is Central’s lone home bird and Julie Hill’s Bill (J Hill’s Ban, P Hulburd’s Tess) is LL&P’s representative in this category.

Looking at handlers with more than one dog, North’s George Simpson has four qualified, including Celt (DW Davies’ Prince, H Hughes’ Nan), who George stepped into reserve, to allow Neil Sutherland and Heatherhill Heck (R Driver’s High Ash Hemp, M O’Malley’s Heather) a run at the end of their trip from Sutherland to Peeblesshire.

In D&K, Jim Thompson has Nell (R Games’ Roy, SK Jones’ Bizzy) and Tom (B McAllister’s Spot, AJ McKeegan’s Meg), while Dean Aitken has T Vicky and Midge, as above. In LL and P, Julie Hill has Bill and Liz (RB Henderson’s Skid, J Glasgow’s Lynn), North Ayr’s Chris Toner has two detailed above, while Kintyre’s John McLachlan’s reserve Tweeddale Rick (R Games’ Roy, D Aitken’s Nell) joins his home-bred Queen.

Apologies to Ian Fergie and Craig who won South Ayrshire league, which was wrongly reported last week. SR.*

League results

(Teams of five will run, with no 6, standing reserve)

North – 1, G Simpson’s Elwy Rodger, Forgue, 58/100; 2, G Simpson’s Hemp, Forgue, 56; 3, G Simpson’s Kim, Forgue, 56; 4, W Cormack’s Nap, Dunnet, 50; 5, G Simpson’s Celt, Forgue, 55; 6, N Sutherland’s Heatherhill Heck, Strathnaver, 41.

Kintyre – 1, J MacKillop’s Jed, Fort Augustus, 58/60 ; 2, A McCuish’s Roy, Skipness,46 ; 3, JC MacLachlan’s Queen, Spean Bridge, 44; 4, K Strachan’s Flora, Roybridge, 35; 5, M MacNally’s Glen, Invergarry, 27; 6, JC MacLachlan’s Tweeddale Rick, Spean Bridge, 19.

North Ayr – 1, C Cropper’s Derwen Gus, Drimsynie, 43 /50; 2, SL Davidson’s Maid, Sandbank, 36; 3, C Toner’s Derwen Nell, Drimsynie, 35; 4=, D Kinloch’s Zak, Kilsyth, 33; 4=, C Toner’s Maid, Drimsynie, 33; 6, N Docherty’s Sweep, Bute, 20.

South Ayr – 1, I Fergie’s Craig, Straiton, 53/72; 2, JR Welsh’s Sonny, Dalrymple, 51; 3, W Welsh’s Doug, Dalcairney, 46; 4, N Gillon’s Burndale Lass, Dailly, 24; 5, C Derwent’s Dot, Dumfries House, 21; 6, J Shennan’s Rose, Barr, 20.

Dumfries and Kirkcudbright – 1, D Robertson’s Derwen Roy, Langholm,73/80; 2, JA Common’s Braan, Lockerbie, 67; 3, D Aitken’s Tweeddale Vicky, Lockerbie, 67; 4, J Thomson’s Nell, Penpont, 53; 5, J Thomson’s Tom, Penpont, 41; 6, D Aitken’s Midge, Lockerbie, 33. Novice – 1, J Thomson’s Drift, Penpont, 41; 2, M Wilson’s Jill, Corsock, 26; 3, JM Common’s Cowlow Rosie, Lockerbie, 24; 4, JM Common’s Queen, Lockerbie, 22; 5, M Forster’s Meg, Shawhead, 21.

Wigtownshire – 1, I McMillan’s Straid Zac, Newton Stewart, 45/50; 2, J Paterson’s Penywern Jim, Kirkcowan, 42; 3, J McGowan’s Tony, Portpatrick, 39; 4, A Stewart’s Jim, Lockerbie, 37; 5, J Mitchell’s Paige, New Luce, 35; 6, C Caygill’s Seth, Whinnyliggate, 34.

Borders – 1, C Dickson’s Stuart, Coldingham, 56/64; 2, M McTeir’s Dan, Fountainhall, 48; 3, WS Elliot’s Branshaws Cap, Yetholm, 44; 4, J Robinson’s Quin, Coldingham, 31; 5, M Arres’ Jock, Ashkirk, 25; 6, P Howe’s Queen, Hawick,18.

Lanark, Lothian and Peebles-shire – 1, S Morgan’s Mid Derry Kim, Heriot, 51/70; 2, IM Brownlie’s Templehall Oz, Deuchrie, 50; 3, J Hill’s Bill, Heriot, 47; 4, J Hill’s Liz, Heriot, 42; 5, RB Henderson’s Lad, Heriot, 41; 6, D Smith’s Ross, Lanark, 30.

Central – 1, CM Magnusson’s Wheatwood Bee, Mid Derry, 59 /80; 2, K Howlett’s Spot, Comrie, 52; 3, M Watt’s Nap, Kirriemuir, 47.5; 4, S MacFarlane’s Willow, Blairgowrie, 44; 5, L Magnusson’s Glencar Eire, Mid Derry, 43; 6, D Galbraith’s Todd, Comrie, 34.