IT may be the smallest domestic cattle breed in the world, but the Dexters certainly grabbed attention at Balmoral Show.

Not only did one breeder enjoy success with a 1, 2, 3, win in the Dexter cow class, but two Dexter bulls decided to have a little bit of a brawl in the cattle ring.

Being small certainly didn’t deter the two beasts as they locked heads for a moment before being brought under control again by the handlers and judging continued.

On a more positive note for the Dexter, one breeder from Holywood secured a record win taking first, second and third place in the same class.

Susan McCullough, from Ballydavey Dexter Cattle, was over the moon as her cow, Ballydavey Blossom, went on to win the Dexter championship and take home the rosettes. “It’s more of a hobby farm for us,” said Susan. “My husband Jeff is a dental technician and my son, James, works for an AI company. We have 42 Dexter cattle in total and just love showing them at Balmoral. We also process one animal every six weeks and sell the meat from our own farm shop.”

James Eccles, the chairman of the Northern Ireland Dexter Cattle Society, said the breed is a star attraction at Balmoral.

“There are more than 100 Dexter cattle breeders in Northern Ireland and we enjoy seeing the breed being highlighted at Balmoral Show.

“Although they can be stubborn at times they do have a good temperament. It is quite unfortunate that the two bulls had a bit of a scuffle in the ring on Wednesday but they were spooked by the flags and the loud speaker which can happen to any animal,” he said.