A steady run gave Chris Toner’s Tammy the edge over a tight pack at Kinross.

The cross Texel hoggs could be difficult to pen under pressure, but generally went well on the flat, compact course, if dogs kept back off them.

Tammy (BK Renwick’s Nip, C Toner’s Graham’s Sam) worked well outbye, with only minor points dropped, had a good drive, with just a waver before the cross drive gate against her and completed the winning run with a clean pen and shed.

Michael Gallagher’s Coin (M Gallagher’s Cap and Kate) too, started out very well, and although he had a minor waver on the fetch, his drive was typically good, but a break at the pen, before a satisfying shed, put the run into a second place.

The undulating course at Lesmahagow tested the dogs, with some responding to redirection, but some crossed the course. The Blackie hoggs were reluctant to be penned and needed a strong dog to put them round the course in the morning, with some managing that.

Willie Welsh’s Cap (A Owen’s Llangwm Cap, M Jones’ June) ran out, lifted cleanly, had a very good fetch with just minor wavering and turned neatly round the post. The drive went well, with minor deviations of the line.

A clean pen followed and although Cap was a little slow in coming in on the ground where the hoggs were moving, made his shed and earned first place.

Sandy McCulloch’s Sam (A Lehtio’s Coel, BJ Bowen’s Pat) ran out very well, and although his lift was slightly hurried, made a very good fetch and a tight turn round Sandy’s feet.

The drive was exceptional, with just a minor waver on the cross drive, and a clean pen and shed completed the run in second place, a half point behind the leader.

The Blacke hoggs at Auchindaul ran well on a compact, undulating course, but were hard to shed and the judge’s requirement for the last one of three sheep proved decisive, with some excellent runs losing there.

From the second run of the day, Peter Martin’s Jill (R Dalziel’s Joe, N McVicar’s Nikki) set an early standard with straight lines, tight turns and a very good shed, and earned first place with a comfortable lead.

Outbye work separated second and third positions. Andy Carnegie’s Linburn Rook (M McTeir’s Bob, C Kirkland’s Groesfaen Jill) had a workmanlike run with a good fetch, which gave him the edge over an equally pointed run, and placed him second.

Seamus Campbell’s Flint (M McNally’s Finn, S Campbell’s Fly) worked well on the course, but lacking the tight turns that earn trial points, took third place.

Segregated packets of Blackface mule and Texel cross hoggs at Dougarie ran on a flat field with hollows which made the cross drive hard to judge, but the Texel crosses were hard to pen and some good runs were unfinished.

Carol Mellin’s Moor Lodge Ben (C Mellin’s Moor Lodge Mirk, P Mellin’s Becca) was in top form for 'an unforgettable run'. With little command, Ben took calm control, brought them straight down the fetch and smoothly round the course. A forceful pen plus a good shed produced a long lead.

LEADING awards

Lesmahagow (Judge: C Smart, Newcastleton) Open - 62 ran – 1, W Welsh’s Cap, Dalcairney, 97; 2, A McCulloch’s Sam, Dalmellington, 96.5; 3, I McMillan’s Lamp, Newton Stewart, 96; 4, S Morgan’s Tess, Heriot, 95.5; 5, L Gast’s Fae, Scalpsie, 95; 6, J Paterson’s Penywern Jim, Kirkcowan, 94;

Dougarie, Arran (Judge: J Barr, Clochkeil) Open – 43 ran – 1, C Mellin’s Moor Lodge Ben, Skipton, 96; 2, K Donald’s Choc, Dalrymple, 90; 3, A Watson’s Moss, Shotts, 86; 4, P Martin’s Jill, Glenlyon, 85; 5, M McNeish’s Pip, Sliddery, 80 Outbye; 6, N McVicar’s Mist, Benmore, 80; Local - 1, M McNeish’s Pip, Sliddery, 80; 2, I McConnell’s Sam, Lamlash,75; 3, I McConnell’s Drift (Grif), Lamlash, 60; 4, L Robertson’s Jim, Machrie, 54; 5, W Stevenson’s McLeod, Whiting Bay, 54;

Kinross (Judge: C Dickson, Coldingham) Open - 66 ran – 1, C Toner’s Tammy, Drimsynie, 93; 2, M Gallagher’s Coin, Ballymoney, 92; 3, CM Magnusson’s Kemi Sally, Mid Derry, 91; 4, CM Magnusson’s Sprout, Mid Derry, 90; 5, N Campbell’s Cass, Kinross, 88; 6, E Foster’s Moss, Brotherston, 87; 7, IM Brownlie’s Lia, Deuchrie, 86 Outbye; 8, J Hastie’s Cree, Saline, 86; 9, H Johnstone’s Fellgate Bella, Fyvie, 82; 10, AJ Hughson’s Fay, Brunthamarsland, 80 Outbye;

Great Glen, Auchindaul (Judge: I MacDonald, Staffin) Open - 45 ran – 1, P Martin’s Jill, Glenlyon, 92; 2, AD Carnegie’s Linburn Rook, Comrie, 89 Outbye; 3, S Campbell’s Flint, Skye, 89; 4, SL Davidson’s Gillieglen Queen, Sandbank, 87; 5, P Martin’s Daisy, Glenlyon, 86; 6, AD Carnegie’s Bill, Comrie, 85; 7, SL Davidson’s Maid, Sandbank, 84; 8, C Davidson’s Jed, Sandbank, 82; Confined – 1, J MacKillop’s Zac, Fort Augustus,74; 2, J MacKillop’s Straid Ben, Fort Augustus, 67; 3, K Strachan’s Flora, Roybridge, 57; Novice - 1, F Berardelli’s Nan, Auchindaul, 60 /80; 2, F Fulford’s Pip, Eracht, 55;

Northumberland League

Carlcroft I (Judge: R MacRae, Netherwitton ) Open – 26 ran – 1, JA Common’s Elwy Rodger, Lockerbie, 87; 2, K Cropper’s Abbie, Shap, 82; 3, P Turnbull’s Mick, Debdon, 81; 4, M Day’s June, Alwinton, 80; 5, W Todd’s Don, Langholm, 67; 6, M Davidson’s Groesfaen Taff, Lilburn, 61;

Carlcroft II (Judge: JA Common, Lockerbie) Open – 25 ran – 1, M Davidson’s Angus, Lilburn, 79; 2, E Gray’s Telf Joff, Great Elsdon, 76; 3, B Jordan’s, Bozo, Whitfield,71; 4, S Massey’s Lynn, Rydale, 70; 5, M Davidson’s Groesfaen Taff, Lilburn, 69; 6,W Todd’s Dan, Langholm, 62;

Carlcroft III (Judge: F Satterthwaite, Kirkby Lonsdale) Open – 26 ran – 1, D Bristow’s Moss, Murton, 86; 2, M Day’s Davey, Alwinton, 74; 3, P Turnbull’s Mick, Debdon, 68; 4, S Massey’s Lynn, Rydale, 61 Outbye; 5, K Preston’s Roy, Elsdon, 61; 6, D Bristow’s Nell, Murton, 59;

Carlcroft IV (Judge: D Bristow, Murton) Open – 25 ran – 1, M Davidson’s Angus, Lilburn, 71; 2, M Davidson’s Groesfaen Taff, Lilburn, 69; 3, B Jordan’s, Bozo, Whitfield, 67; 4, M Northwood’s Cian, East Woodburn, 65; 5, K Cropper’s Bute, Shap, 61; 6, K Cropper’s Abbie, Shap, 58.