Hunter in-hand

Judge: C Upham,

Newton Abbot, Devon.

Supreme – W Moran’s gelding, Under Attack; reserve – Mrs F Stuart’s gelding, Tiger Mountain.

Best lightweight hunter brood mare – Ms S Auld’s brood mare, Off Piste.

Best bred in Scotland – Mrs L R Reid’s gelding, Lynnbank Braveheart.

Brood mare with a foal at foot – 1, Ms S Auld (Off Piste); 2, Miss F Thomson and J Patterson (Southills I Propose).

Foals – 1, Miss F Thomson and J Patterson.

Yearling filly – 1, Miss K McCreadie (Romanno Romance).

Yearling colt or gelding – 1, Mrs L Tait (Munfin Major Tom); 2, J Bennett (Brackenbrae Ultimate); 3, Miss J Cameron (L’Sebastian Vettel).

Two-year-old filly – 1, Ms F Newton (The Sligo Queen).

Two-year-old gelding – 1, Karen Hill (Hillocks Morning Watch); 2, Mrs LR Reid (Lynnbank Braveheart); 3, DK Rustix (Redwood Diamond).

Three-year-old filly —1, Miss K MacLeod (Hillview Bright Star); 2, Ms L Calder (Ballinglen Caoimhe Pet); 3, Mrs P Thomson (Primetime).

Three-year-old gelding – 1, Mr and Mrs W Moran (Under Attack); 2, Mrs F Stuart (Tiger Mountain); 3, G Drummond (The Middle Man).

HOYS cuddy working hunter

Judge: Mrs J Cope, Witney.

Supreme – Miss C Pearson’s gelding, Incontention; reserve – D Barton’s mare, Evola W.

HOYS ladies side-saddle

Judges: C Upham, Newton Abbot, Devon.

Ladies side-saddle – 1, Miss C McVay (Ballinakill); 2, Miss R Sutherland (Mastermind Iv); 3, Miss R Robson (Mhor Than Words).

Novice hunter

Judges: (ride) A Spalding, Darlington, Co Durham; (conf) C Upham, Newton Abbot, Devon.

Supreme – Mrs V Ramm’s The Superior Choice. Reserve – Mrs M Hamilton’s Rich Man Poor Man.

Open novice, mare or gelding, four to seven-years-old – 1, Mrs V Ramm (The Superior Choice). 2, Mrs M Hamilton (Rich Man Poor Man). 3, Ms F Newton (My Magic Kingdom).

Ridden Hunters weights and small

Judges: (Conf) C Upham, Newton Abbot; (Ride) A Spalding, Darllington.

Supreme – HV Gibson’s gelding, Tullynagee Applejack; reserve – T Brash’s gelding, Remember Rossmore.

Lightweight hunter – 1, Mrs J McConnell (The Masters Choice); 2, Mrs D Richardson-Rowell (Heggie Lane Hillbilly); 3, Mrs K Thomson (Orchil Henley).

Middleweight hunter – 1, HV Gibson (Tullyanagee Applejack); 2, T Brash (Remember Rossmore); Miss S Tait (Cavalier Choice).

Heavyweight hunter – 1, Lady A Vestey (Redbridge Tiny Tim); 2, M Nicholson (Evros Pageboy); 3, Mrs M Montgomerie (Dock Of The Grey).

Small show hunter type – 1, Ms F Newton (Ebony King); 2, Ms K Finlay (Shanbally Ronaldo); 3, Mrs S Boyd (Out Of The Phoenix).

Overall hunter under saddle

Judge: C Upham, Newton Abbot.

Supreme – HV Gibson’s gelding, Tullynagree Applejack; reserve – Mrs V Ramm’s gelding, Superior Choice.

Sports horse in-hand

Judge: D Ricketts, Evenly.

Supreme – B Gibson’s filly, Rio Tari; reserve – Miss A Anderson’s yearling, Ashlea Perfect Spirit.

Brood mare with foal at foot – 1, D North (Cindy); 2, Mrs L Williams (Etoga); 3, Milnfield Park Stud (Carola).

Foals – 1, Mrs L Williams; 2, D North; 3, Milnfield Park Stud.

Yearling – 1, Miss A Anderson (Ashlea Perfect Spirit); 2, G and R Charlish (Hhs Nornamdy; 3, Mrs AJ Black (Taittinger).

Two-year-old filly or gelding – 1, Mrs H Waterhouse (Freckleton She’s All that); 2, Mrs J Low-Mitchell (Mytee Easy); 3, Ms A Ritchie (Meridian Gold).

Three-year-old filly or gelding – 1, B Gibson (Rio Tari); 2, Mrs L Barclay-Carr (Lieve); 3, Mrs J Agnew (Calypso Rose Li).

Re-training of racehorse

Judges: J McTaggart and Mrs K McTaggart, Hawick, Roxburghshire.

Supreme – Miss A Dryden’s Inch Manor. Reserve —Miss D Thexton’s

Thoroughbred ridden show horse, ex-racehorse – 1, Miss A Dryden (Inch Manor). 2, Miss D Thexton (Allied Answer). 3, Miss F Barrigan (Up To Scratch).

Highland pony under saddle

Judges: Miss H Dick, Inchinnan (ride); C Grant, Newcastle (conf).

Supreme —Mrs A Curle’s Stallion, Harris of Mendick; reserve – Mrs J Carnegie’s Stallion, Eran of Croila.

Highland pony four, five or six-year-old – 1, C McQuattie c/o Mrs RB Chalmers (Strathmore Cooper); 2, Mrs C Lackie (Corrybrough Rosie); 3, Mrs S Murray (Lurgan Duncan).

Highland pony seven-years-old or over under 143cm(14hh) – 1, Mrs J Carnegie (Eran of Croila); 2, Mrs C Rafferty (Margaret of Meggernie); 3, Mrs MB Gourdie (Ardnagaisk Edan).

Highland pony seven-years old or over 143cm(14hh) to 148cm – 1, Mrs A Curle (Harris of Mendick); 2, Miss E Hamilton (Mozart of Millfield); 3, Mrs J McNaught (Dunedin Mascot).

Welsh ponies (section A)

Judge: Mrs H Banbury, St Austel, Cornwall.

Supreme – Penech Stud’s Penech Bellisa; reserve – Ms L Russell’s Gartconnel Siaradus.

Brood mare – 1, Penech Stud (Penech Bellisa). 2, Ms L Russell (Gartconnel Siaradus). 3, P Fielding (Sunwillow Titania).

Foal – 1, Ms L Russell; 2, P Fielding. 3, Penech Stud.

Barren mare or gelding four-years-old or over – 1, K Bodily (Glebedale Jubilee); 2, Thistleview Stud (Thistleview Serin). 3, Ms L Russell (Gartconnel Wild Fire Fly).

Yearling – 1, Mrs K Bodily (Glebedale Jumanji); 2, K Moy (Cromagtir Deo); 3, P Page (Friars Golddust).

Colt two or three-year-old – 1, D Russell (Friars Starstruck); 2, Miss A Hugill (Auchmaliddie Boreas); 3, Mrs V Findlater (Thistledown Gold Dust).

Two or three-year-old filly or gelding – 1, A Shaw (Island Moet); 2, Mrs K Miller (Waxwing Daisy May); 3, G Ingram (Dycott Buttons and Bow).

Stallion – 1, D Russell (Cromagtir Dagan Macapus); 2, Miss M Riding (Waxwing Dare Devil); 3, Mrs C MacMillan (Gartconnel Supersonic).

Welsh ponies (section B)

Judge: A Anderson, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire.

Supreme – Mrs L Wilson’s Walseker Colorado. Reserve – S Anderson’s Thistledown Babyface.

Brood mare – 1, S Anderson (Thistledown Georgiana); 2, Mrs E Crate (Corkhills Sky Lark).

Foal – 1, S Anderson; 2, E Eleanor.

Barren mare or gelding four-years-old or over – 1, Mrs A Holt (Musbury Miss Dynamite); 2, S Anderson (Thistledown Lillie Langtry); 3, Mrs C Bell (Aytounhill Anastasia).

Yearling – 1, S Anderson (Thistledown Artic Laurel); 2, Mrs L Cameron (Ystradcothi Regal-prince); 3, Cheyne and Andrew (Leucarum Rose Easter).

Colt two or three-year-old – 1, L Wilson (Walseker Colorado).

Two or three-year-old filly or gelding – 1, Mrs L Cameron (Goldenwood Georgie Girl); 2, S Anderson (Thistledown Babyface); 3, Mrs K Bodily (Glebedale Clara).

Stallion – 1, Miss N Wayman (Cadlanvalley Bentley); 2, Miss K Aitchison (Penmarric Boogie Woogie); 3, Miss S Mowatt (Bunbury Fineart).

Welsh cob (section C)

Judge: Mrs W Burt, Abergavenny, Gwent.

Supreme — G Ingram’s mare, Dhanak Prudence; reserve – J Swift’s Colt, Brynfa Triple Crown.

Stallion four years or over – 1, Miss S Donnelly (Neuaddparc Steve Toy); 2, D Russell (Redpools Marauder).

Gelding four years or over – 1, Miss P Smith (D’Abernon Omen); 2, Miss L Keay (Coedeneirin Reward); 3, Miss S Mowatt (Menai Lincoln).

Two or three-year-old – 1, L Cheyne and D Andrew (Auchmaliddie Sir Richard); 2, Miss J Farrell (Mattsfield Master-Roman); 3, Miss B Rawding (Rhydfendigaid Hebog).

Yearling —1, J Swift (Brynfa Triple Crown); 2, Thistleview Stud (Neuaddparc Gucci’s Gift).

Mare – 1, G Ingram (Dhanak Prudence); 2, Miss N Wayman (Abergavenny Hetti); 3, Starloch Stud (Starloch Dream Girl).

Foals – 1, G Ingram.

Welsh cobs (section D)

Judge: Mrs W Burt, Abergavenny, Gwent.

Supreme – Miss L Breeze’s mare Northwick Elektra; reserve – P Dening’s filly Gwilymparc Selina.

Stallion – 1, Miss S Mindt (Haighmoor Royal Highland); 2, M Ennion (Gwenllan Siencyn); 3, Nicoll Show Team (Abergavenny Welsh Comet).

Gelding – 1, Miss L Naylor (Storhaug Rowan); 2, Miss K Finnie (Gems Swn Y Mor); 3, Hillside (Gems The Toff).

Two or three-year-old colt, filly or gelding – 1, P Dening (Gwilymparc Selina); 2, K Hill (Rhisiaf Charlie Boy); 3, Miss S Mindt (Llanmorlais Molly).

Mountain and Moorland ponies in-hand

Judges: Miss A Gomersall, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire.

Supreme – Miss H Reynolds stallion, Drybarrows Advocate; reserve – WR Ireland’s mare, Griseburn Black Eva.

Fell, Dales, or New Forest four-year-old or over – 1, WR Eyemouth; 2, Mrs J Graham; 3, Mrs K Thorne.

Dartmoor or Exmoor four-year-old or over – 1, Mrs J Graham; 2, Brooks Equestrian Show Team; 3, Mrs A Clunie.

Fell, Dales or New Forest two or three-year-old – 1, Ms T Moro; 2, Essiecroft Dales Ponies; 3, Miss N Luti.

Dartmoor or Exmoor pony two or three-year-old – 1, Miss K Errington; 2, L Anderson and Mr and Mrs Donald.

Fell, Dales, or New Forest yearling – 1, H Reynolds; 2, Mrs R Turner; 3, F and M Lawson.

Dartmoor or Exmoor pony yearling – 1, Miss K Errington; 2, L Anderson and Mr and Mrs Donald.

Fell, Dales, New Forest, Dartmoor or Exmoor Pony stallion – 1, H Reynolds; 2, Mrs J Rogers; 3, Mrs J Rogers.

Connemara ponies in-hand

Judge: Mrs AJ Gommersall.

Supreme – Mrs J Sommerset’s mare, Tesremos Sunnybear; reserve – Mrs DP Staveley’s mare, Eastlands Rashiebrae.

Yearling – 1, D Park (Castle Magnum); 2, Mrs A Redpath (Gorfenletch Meghan); 3, Miss J Walton (Shamrock).

Two or three-year-old – 1, Mrs DP Staveley (Eastlands Dunhill); 2, Mrs S Peto (Loughmore Rebel); 3, Mrs EJ Murray (Ochills Enchanted).

Mare – 1, Mrs J Somerset (Tesremos Sunnybear); 2, Mrs DP Staveley (Eastlands Rashiebrae); 3, Miss H Cook (Kirtle Miss Reaghaun).

Stallion or geldings – 1, Mrs W Aird (Castle Neptune); Miss R McGee (Walstead Page Boy); 3, Craigmead Stud (Craigmead Erris Beg).

Eriskay ponies

Judge: Mrs S Ross, Dollar, Clackmannanshire.

Supreme – L McWilliams’ mare, Catfield Brynhild; reserve – Mrs F Misselbrook’s colt, Crichton Colonsay.

Ridden – 1, Mrs F Misselbrook (Auchenbrook Merlin).

Three-year-old and under, in-hand – 1, Mrs F Misselbrook (Crichton Colonsay).

Four-year-old and over – 1, L McWilliam (Catfield Brynhild); 2, N McWilliam (Robina of Catlaw); 3, Mrs M McGillivray (Braincroft Glen Artney).

Pony breeding

Judge: M Chadwick, Norwich, Norfolk.

Supreme – Harforth and Dixon’s filly, Swanlake; reserve – Mrs C Welby’s filly, Revolution Belle.

Three-year-old – 1, Mrs C Welby (Revolution Belle); 2, Mesdames Low and Mylius (Castafiore Regal Charm); 3, Mrs A Robertson (Romanno Rhythm N Blues).

Two-year-old – 1, J McCormick (Brookllan Lady Isabella).

Yearling – 1, Harforth and Dixon (Swanlake); 2, Miss A Anderson (Ashleas Grande Finale); 3, Miss L Rennie (Dalgarnock War Of The Roses).

Riding horses

Judge: Ms M Snow, Leven.

Supreme – Miss L McCulloch’s gelding, Ice Age; reserve – Mrs I Miller’s mare, Kilmastulla Lucy Q.

Novice riding horse —1, Miss L McCulloch (Ice Age); 2, Miss A Norquay (Dallamires Golden Touch); 3, Mrs A Robertson (Romanno Royal Scandal).

Small riding horse – 1, Mrs I Miller (Kilmastulla Lucy Q); 2, Miss L Hylands (Huntroyd Aurora); 3, Mrs J Campbell (Take The Biscuit 3).

Large riding horse —1, Miss R Donald (Double Smoked); 2, Mrs K Thorne (Caspari Vc); 3, Mrs S Robb (Platinum Crackers).


Judge: D Ricketts, Evenley (conf); Ms M Snow, Leven (ride).

Supreme – Lady A Vestrey’s Pairc An Faoi Diamond; reserve – Miss L Whytock’s A lot Alike.

Ridden Show Cob – 1, Lady A Vestey (Pairc An Faoi Diamond); 2, Miss L Whytock (A lot Alike); 3, Miss R Robson (Randalstown Silverstone).

Arab, Anglo-Arab and part-bred Arab in-hand

Judge: Mrs J Court, Wigton, Cumbria.

Supreme – D and J Gowans and Mesdames Givens’ pure bred Arab, AV Mambo; reserve – Miss H Woodward’s mare, Stanley Grange Catalina.

Pure-bred Arab stallion – 1, Miss J MacLean (Rashah); 2, Kingsmeadow House Horses (Aladdinns Magic).

Pure-bred gelding – 1, Low and Mylius Mesdames (Ht Sirdar); 2, Miss K Luke (Red Shuleir).

Pure-bred Arab any sex – 1, D and J Gowans and mesdames Givens (AV Mambo); 2, Mrs L McWhinnie (Cameg Arubah); 3, Ledarb Arabians (Ledarb Phoenix).

Pure-bred Arab Mare – 1, Ms J Robertson (Audella Rose); 2, Miss K Scotland (PS Silvern Rose); 3, M Wakefield-Brand (Forever Illianna Versace).

Foal, pure-bred, Anglo Arab or part-bred – 1, Ms J Robertson.

Anglo-Arab or part-bred, stallion, mare or gelding – 1, Miss H Woodward (Stanley Grange Catalina); 2, Mrs D Bagley (Ha Mont Brillant); 3, Kingsmeadow House Horses (Kingsmeadow House Kadabra).

Anglo-Arab or part-bred Arab colt, Filly or gelding – 1, Mrs C Welby (Revolution Belle); 2, Mrs S McGookin (Rustums First Date); 3, Mrs F Stuart (Thistlefree Worth The Wait).

Anglo-Arab or part-bred Arab colt, filly or gelding, yearling – 1, Mrs H Waterhouse (Aka Lightning Bolt); 2, Miss L Rennie (Dalgarnock War of The Roses); 3, Mrs J Gilchrist (Romanno On The Spot).

Arab, Anglo-Arab and part-bred Arab under saddle

Judge: Mrs L Lidbury, Bristol, Avon.

Supreme – Miss J MacLean’s stallion, Rashah; reserve, Mrs J Hall’s male, Bey Dayaan

Pure-bred —1, Miss J MacLean (Rashah); 2, Mrs J Hall (Bey Dayaan); 3, Kingsmeadow House Horses (Aladdinns Magic).

Anglo or part-bred (not ex 148cm) – 1, Brooks Equestrian Show Team (Higheys Luck Be A Lady); 2, Miss S Simpson (Greenbarrow Art Of Gold); 3, Miss S Kennedy (Summerleas Royal Escapade).

Anglo or part-bred (ex 148cm) – 1, Mrs L Addis (Burnfoot Dante); 2, Miss A Campbell (Paisano Phantom Spirit); 3, V Bruce (Daldorn Sandpiper).

St John’s Wells

Supreme - J McNaught’s Highland pony gelding, Dunedin Mascot and F and L Boyd’s Highland mare, Jessicah Of Wooplaw.

Mountain and Moorland working hunter pony

Judge: Mrs J Etheridge, Saxmundham (jump); Mrs H Banbury, St Austell (conf).

Supreme – Mrs L Marshall’s gelding, Laburnum Richard; reserve – Ms E Gaynor-Smith’s gelding, Fairlies Red Flare.

Ponies not exceeding 122cm – 1, Miss P Smith (Littledean Morning Light); 2, Miss J Cowan (Waitwith Sue-ellen); 3, Mrs S Weston (Westown Firecracker).

Ponies exceeding 122cm but not exceeding 133cm – 1, Mrs C Yates (Wellbrow Minstral); 2, Miss A Rogers (Settvalley The Titan); 3, Miss I More (Huwii Blue Bobbie).

Ponies exceeding 133cm but not exceeding 143cm – 1, Ms E Gaynor-Smith (Fairlies Red Flare); 2, Mrs M Edes (Teach M’or Gloria); 3, Miss C Hayton.

Ponies exceeding 143cm – 1, Mrs L Marshall (Laburnum Richard); 2, Mrs P Davers (Landleague Orlando).

Side saddle

Judges: C Upham, Newton Abbot (conf); Mrs L Hamilton, Cheltenham (ride).

Supreme – Miss C McVay’s gelding, Ballinakill; reserve – Miss R Sutherland’s gelding, Mastermind Iv.

Ladies side saddle horse (adult) – 1, Miss C McVay; 2, Miss R Sutherland; 3, Miss R Robson.

Show hunter ponies

Judge: Miss SL Fitt, Maidenhead (conformation); Miss S Harrison, Wigan (ride).

Supreme – Mrs C Knipe’s gelding, Littlebyrom Limited Edition; reserve – Mrs S Dennison’s gelding, Merry Corner Mister Bui.

Intermediate show hunter type, four-years or older, 148cm – 158cm – 1, Ms F Neewton (Ebony King); 2, Miss E Bell (Noble Caribawn); 3, Al Burkhill (Master Klass).

Binks family pony of show hunter type, four years or over, 143cm-153cm – 1, Mrs S Dennison (Merry Corner Mister Bui); 2, Mrs D Goldrick (Mr Oscar Cookson); 3, C Galbraith (Kilmiston Skyhawk).

Binks family pony of show hunter type, four years or over, 133cm-143cm – 1, C Galbraith (Buccaneers Sea Pearl); 2, Caitlin Galbraith (Tremari Bumble Bee); 3, Mrs J Harker (The Real McCoy II).

Binks family pony of show hunter type, four years or over, 122cm-133cm – 1, Mrs C Knipe (Littlebyrom Limited Edition); 2, Mrs JL Green (Mount Pleasant Celtic Mist); 3, Emmersons Show Team (Romano Highland Fling).

Binks family pony of show hunter type, four years or over, not exceeding 122cm – 1, Mrs C Knipe (Doolittle Tattibogle); 2, Mrs S Kinnear (Millcroft Gligamesh); 3, Miss Z Price (Hightopps Allegro).

Show ponies

Judges: Mrs PJ Dorman, Bedale.

Supreme – Mrs E Dickie’s mare, Greenbarrow Picture Perfect; reserve – Mrs J Harker’s gelding Ardenhall Blenheim.

BSPS show pony, mare or gelding, four-years-old or over, not ex 128cm (12.2.hh) – 1, Mrs J Harker; 2, Miss V Taylor; 3, Mrs C Dhillon.

BSPS show pony, mare or gelding, four-years-old or over, 128cm (12.2. hh)-138cm (13.2.hh) – 1, Mrs E Tate; 2, Mrs J Dolan; 3, Mrs J L Green.

BSPS show pony, mare or gelding, four-years-old or over, 138cm (13.2.hh)-148cm (14.2.hh) – 1; Mrs E Dickie; 2, Mrs M Dunning; 3, Mrs A Dunn.

BSPS mixed height novice show pony, mare or gelding, four-years-old or over (Snaffle Bridle only), not exceeding 148cm (14.2.hh) – 1, Mrs E Tate; 2, Miss J E Boardman; 3, Miss S Kennedy.

BSPS mixed height intermediate show riding type, mare or gelding, four-years-old or over, 146cm (approx 14.1hh)- 158cm (15.2hh) – 1, Miss A Berrie; 2, J Stuart; 3, Mrs V Gunn.

M and M lead rein and first ridden

Judges: (conf) Ms S Prior, Outwell, Norfolk. (ride) Mrs G Cockbain, Keswick, Cumbria.

Supreme – Mrs L Richardson’s gelding, Briar Snowman; reserve – S Ross’ gelding, Thimbleby Black Magic.

Lead rein – 1, Mrs L Richardson; 2, Mrs L Smith; 3, Ms C Evans.

First ridden – 1, S Ross; 2, Mrs L Richardson; 3, Miss V Wharton.

Junior Mountain and Moorland ridden pony of the year

Judges: (ride) Miss A Gomersall, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire; (conf) Mrs S Seward, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire.

Supreme – Mrs S Parker’s gelding, Wynbrook Playfair; reserve – Miss L Cassell’s gelding Pumphill Rasputin.

Small pony – 1, Miss L Cassell (Pumphill Rasputin); 2, Mrs A Robertson (Broughton Tiffany); 3, Mrs S Casely (Colne Pascoe).

Large pony – 1, Mrs S Parker (Wynbrook Playfair); 2, Miss E Hamilton (Mozart of Millfield); 3, Mrs K Thorne (Thornville Pearl).

Show ponies leading rein and first ridden

Judge: Mrs Patricia Dorman, Bedale.

Supreme – Mrs K Wilson’s mare, Lochar Love in the Mist; reserve – Mrs L Smith’s mare, Cosford Madam Mouse.

Lead rein pony four years or over (not exceeding 12hh) – 1, Mrs L Smith (Cosford Madam Mouse); 2, Mrs S McGuckin (Romany River Anniversary Girl); 3, Mrs A Redpath (Jula Golden Light).

First ridden pony four years or over (not exceeding 12hh) – 1, Mrs K Wilson (Lochar Love in the Mist); 2, Mrs L Kennedy (Popalbee Minnie Mouse); 3, Mrs JL Green (Raemoir Ballerina).

Lead rein of hunter type and first pony of show hunter type

Judge – Miss SL Fitt, Maidenhead (conf); Miss S Harrison, Wigan (ride).

Supreme – E Craig’s gelding, Rosedale Marcus; reserve – Mrs C Fenton’s female, Mardenway Magic Princess.

Lead rein pony of hunter type – 1, E Craig (Rosedale Marcus); 2, Mrs L Richardson (Gwryddparc Torres); 3, Mrs F Stuart (Swagger Jagger).

Pony of show hunter type – 1, Mrs C Fenton (Mardenway Magic Princess); 2, G Allan (Rowfantina Llewellyn); 3, Mrs L Parker (Churchwood Herald).


Judge: Mrs K Logan, Blackburn.

Supreme – Mrs E Cunningham’s mare Gamlinbay Love In A Mist; reserve – Mrs A Wiseman’s female Inca D’Hamerton.

Male champion – Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary’s filly, Perehill Magical Moments; reserve – Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary’s gelding, Island Farm Viscount.

Female champion – Mrs E Cunningham’s mare Gamlinbay Love In A Mist; reserve - Mrs A Wiseman’s female Inca D’Hamerton.

Mare, four-year-old or over, or brood mare, five-year-old and over with own foal at foot – 1, Mrs E Cunningham; 2, Ms C Armet; 3, T Fordham.

Stallion or gelding four-year-old and over —1, Mrs E Cunningham; 2, Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary; 3, Mrs GAD Burton.

Colt, filly or gelding, three-years-old and under – 1, Mrs A Wiseman; 2, Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary; 3, Miss A Charlton.

Working hunter pony

Judges: (jump) R Parker-Jones, Telford, Shropshire; (conf) Miss J Grummitt, Ely, Cambridgeshire.

Supreme — Ms E Gaynor-Smith’s gelding, Ella’s Moody; reserve – W W Calder’s mare, Coco Bongo.

Intermediate Working Hunter Pony, exceeding 148cm and not exceeding 158cm – 1, Mrs K Waterson (ABC Liberty Belle); 2, A Barnes (Carnsdale Chicago); 3, Mrs R Moore (Country Strong).

Working Hunter Pony, exceeding 143cm and not exceeding 153cm – 1, — Ms E Gaynor-Smith’s (Ella’s Moody); 2, D Byrne (Fairyhouse Coco); 3, Mrs J Munnelly (Rademon Kiana).

Working Hunter Pony, exceeding 133cm and not exceeding 143cm – 1, Mrs S England (Rosehill Paddy); 2, Mrs S Oakden (Master Lift); 3, Mrs S Houlden (Golden Pat).

Working Hunter Pony, not exceeding 133cm – 1, W Calder (Coco Bongo); 2, Country Farm Stud Ltd (Miami Dancer); 3, Miss I More (Huwii Blue Bobble).

Nursery Stakes – 1, W Calder (Coco Bongo); 2, Mrs S Houlden (Pebbly Principle Boy); 3, Ms A Connor (Cadfach Rhydian).

Ridden part-bred pony

Judge: Mrs MC Nimmo, Winchburgh (perf); Mrs TD, Rochford (conf).

Ridden part-bred pony of the year – 1, A Leaver (Braeglen Masterpiece); 2, Mrs J Crabtree (Roseberry Final Edition); 3, Mrs E Dickie (Greenbarrow Picture Perfect).

Best Welsh part-bred – 1, A Leaver (Braeglen Masterpiece).

Mountain and Moorland ponies under saddle

Judges: S Howard, York (conf); Mrs S Seward (ride).

Supreme – Ms C Evans’ stallion Northwick Notorious; reserve – J Tomlinson’s gelding Birchmoor Drover.

Best registered Welsh – Ms C Evans’ stallion Northwick Notorious.

Best Fell pony – Miss D Chadwick’s Hedgethorpe Master Jack.

Fell – 1, Miss D Chadwick (Hedgethorpe Master Jack); 2, Stonefold Native Ponies (Bracklinn Dynamite); 3, Mrs L Marshall (Hardendale Ray).

Dales – 1, C Smiley (Copleylane Ringo); 2, WR Ireland (Kilmannan Jack Sparrow); 3, Mrs R Bradley (Hett Solitaire).

Highland – 1, Miss E Hamilton (Mozart of Millfield); 2, Mrs HSD Brooks (Jack The Lad Of Ednam House); 3, Mrs C Rafferty (Margaret of Meggernie).

Welsh D – 1, Ms C Evans (Northwick Notorious); 2, Miss K Nicoll (Brough Royal Diplomat); 3, Mrs D Evans (Trehewyd Cardi).

Welsh C – 1, Ms C Fitch (Glebedale Jonny Depp); 2, L Beaumont (Synod Ribbons); 3, Mrs L Scott (Lynuck the Showman).

Welsh B – 1, Mrs A Kehoe (Pillheath Prince Charming); 2, Mrs T Neale (Heygate Prince John); 3, Mrs L Atkinson (Waxwing Arco).

Welsh A – 1, Mrs S Parker (Thistledown Special VIP); 2, Miss R Robson (Waitwith Golden Wind); 3, Mrs S Casely (Colne Pascoe).

Shetland, Exmoor or Dartmoor – 1, J Tomlinson (Brichmoor Drover); 2, Mrs J Rogers (Hawfinch); 3, Miss L Cassell (Pumphill Rasputin).

Coloured horses – in-hand

Judge: Miss A Butler, Rotherham.

Supreme – Mrs B Walsh’s stallion, Billy King of the North; reserve – Mrs G Harrold’s gelding, Independent Boy.

Non-native yearling – 1, Mrs H Geraldine (Independent Boy); 2, Miss K Lai (Ashlea’s Ultimate Dream); 3, Miss A Anderson (Ashlea Perfect Spirit).

Native yearling – 1, Miss L Lumsden (Kimico Kingsman Gold).

Non-native two-year-old – 1, Ms C Sneddon (Leap Of Faith); 2, Miss S Lynch (Journeys Atlas); 3, Mrs E Parker (Harry Potter).

Native two-year-old – 1, Miss J Cameron (Peter Pan); 2, Mrs MA Smith (Carling Red Gold); 3, Miss K Byrne (Travellers Fortune).

Non-native open – 1, Miss D Aspinall (Everwood); 2, Mrs K Thomson (Touch of Class); 3, Mrs E Parker (Auchrannie Rose).

Native open – 1, Mrs B Walsh (Billy King of the North); 2, K Carrick (Mr Tough Guy); 3, Nicoll Show Team (Ceardennan).

Coloured horses – ridden

Judge: Miss L Pickford, Southport (conf); Miss M Pickford, Southport (ride).

Supreme – Mrs J Turnbull’s gelding, Burghwallisn Paparazzi; reserve – R Harthern’s gelding, Heathersedge Just A Vision.

Non-native ridden pony, up to and including 153cms – 1, D Bennett (Carrhouse Frisky Business); 2, Miss V Timperley (Lostock Mary Poppins); 3, Mrs C Merrigan Martin (Solaris Dwenqua).

Non-native ridden horse, exceeding 153cms - 1, R Harthern (Heathersedge Just A Vision); 2, Miss G Neville (Oakfield Valdecaz); 3, Mrs T Wood (Appollo Rocks).

Native/traditional cob/ridden pony, up to and including 148cms – 1, Mrs

J Turnbull (Burghwallis Paparazzi); 2, Ms C Donnelly (Harry VIII); 3, Miss K Duxbury (Valetines Boy).

Native/traditional cob/ridden horse, exceeding 148cms – 1, Mrs L Shepherd (No Shenanigans); 2, Ms G Parry-Jones OBE (Circus Issak); 3, Mrs T Brady (Cobert de Niro).

Private driving

Supreme – Miss G McNinch’s Skeleton gig with Aghaderg Another Hero/Mitcheltroy Little Joy; reserve – Miss K Pearson’s single harness with JDs Tequila Sunrise/JD’s El Dorado.

Single classes over 13.2hh – 1, Miss S Catton (Waarborg A); 2, K Pearson (JD’s Tequila Sunrise).

Single classes 13.2hh or under – 1, Miss G McNinch (Aghaderg Another Hero/Mitcheltroy Little Joy); 2, Ms R Martin (Merioneth Tymesti Ap Storm); 3, Mrs G Chippendale (Stennerskeugh Smoke).

Shetland pony – 1, D Robertson (Erray Rose Bay).

Highland pony – 1, C Bassett (Staffin Peigi of Castlegreen).

Two or four-wheel exercise vehicle – 1, Mrs C McAllister (Craigweil Holly Burghwallis Magic Moment); 2, Miss S Robson (Llanarth Honeysuckle); 3, W Walton (Bodwenarth Juliana).

Donkey and mule open – 1, Ms S McConnell-Ferrie (Sydney); 2, Ms C Armet (Jools/Alexander).

Pleasure drive – 1, D Robertson (Erray Rose Bay).