Entries from Brian Weatherup and son Brian's Parkend and Lesmay herds, secured both the individual heifer, cow and family group awards in the Lanarkshire Holstein Club's annual herds competition.

The event, judged by Ewan Kennedy, Perryston, saw some 10 herds compete to include Messrs Baillie, Covington; Messrs Baillie, Dalserf; Messrs Baillie, Longlea; the Boyds, Letterickhills; Brewsters, Wester Borland; Lairds, Cauldcoats; Messrs Lawrie, Grangehall; Mackies, Westerboard; Neilsons, Overside; and Messrs Weatherup, Parkend/Lesmay.

LEADING awards

Heifer – 1, Parkend Atwood Talia from Messrs Weatherup; 2, Overside Silver Irene from Messrs Neilson; 3, Dalserf Mesdoor Mystic from Messrs Baillie.

Individual cow – 1, Lesmay Armani Starlet from Messrs Weatherup; 2, Cauldcoats Samurai from Messrs Laird; 3, Letterickhills Gillespie Carol from Messrs Boyd.

Individual cow producing 50 tonne – 1, Letterickhills Samurai Kylie from Messrs Boyd; 2, Covington Class Act Rowan from Messrs Baillie; 3, Overside Million Robin from Messrs Neilson.

Family group – 1, Tamara family from Messrs Weatherup, Parkend; 2, Camilla family from Messrs Laird, Cauldcoats; 3, Clara family from Messrs Baillie, Dalserf.

Group of five heifers – 1, Messrs Neilson, Overside; 2, Messrs Baillie, Dalserf; 3, Messrs Weatherup, Parkend.

Team of 10 cows – 1, Messrs Boyd, Letterickhills; 2, Messrs Weatherup, Parkend; 3, Messrs Neilson, Overside; 4, Messrs Baillie, Covington.