Marking the end of July in its usual busy fashion, Stranraer show was teeming with members of the public, a strong showing of livestock and a large turnout of cross-party politicians, including the new secretary of state for Scotland Alister Jack.

Livestock entries were up on the year before which made for a lively demonstration of stock and it was a treble win for the region as the three interbreed sections were topped by local breeders.

The south west of Scotland is home to some of Scotland’s most prominent dairy breeders and a spectacular turnout of both quality and numbers in the dairy section did the region justice, with the Holstein breed taking the interbreed title. In a dairy section which boasted over 100 entries, it was local farmer Robert McNeil from Cairnpat Farm who took the award with his second calver Cairnpat McCutcheon Lotus, on her first show outing of the season. The home-bred cow is by McCutcheon and out of Tharla Lotus and is producing 65 litres daily. The reserve ticket was awarded to the leading Jersey belonging to Robbie and Margo Scott of Shacklehill Farm, Mossblown. Their third-calver, Clifton Vanahlem Clover has scooped up a number of red tickets this season with championship wins at UK Dairy Expo, the Royal Highland and Ayr.

An ever competitive and busy sheep section saw the interbreed title go to the Suffolk sheep and another local farmer James Wallace from Claycrop Farm, Kirkinner. He took the top title with his four-crop ewe by Arlea Atomic and out of the Deveronside-bred ewe he won the Royal Highland breed title with in 2016. Runner-up in the sheep section was the Blackface champion owned by W Ramsay and Son, Milnmark, Dalry, who took the breed championship for the second year running. This year they won the section with a home-bred two-crop ewe by a £16,000 Dyke tup.

It was a win for the native breeds in the interbreed beef section with the red ticket being awarded to the Galloway section and Wigtown farmer William McCornick, Barquhill Farm with his eight-year-old cow, Blackcraig Mossrose, by Blackcraig Noreseman. She took the breed title for the second time, having won previously in 2016. The reserve interbreed winner was found in the Continental section and it was the pure Limousin heifer owned by Alan and Shona Stevenson, Carbello Farm, Cumnock that secured the top prize. The 25-month-old heifer, Burnbank Neve is by Maraiscote Lettisier and stood Limousin champion at Dumfries in 2018.

LEADING awards

Ayrshires (Judge: C Davidson, Hugh of Urr). Champion – A Clark, Fineview Farm, Glenluce, Newton Stewart with his junior cow, Fineview Sparky April 3. The second calver is by Fineview Sparky and is giving 35 litres daily at 4.57% butterfat and 3.26% protein. In her first heifer lactation she gave 7,144 litres. She stood first in her class as a heifer at Stranraer in 2018 and won the in-milk-heifer class at the Castle Douglas winter dairy show in August 2018. Reserve – I Service and co, East Knockbrex, Newton Stewart with his two-and-a-half-year-old cow Knockbrex Holly. She calved in April and is now in calf to Bigtime, producing 30 litres daily. She stood reserve junior champion at the Highland and champion at Ayr. Heifer calf – Messrs J. Watson, High Mark, Leswalt. Heifer stirk – C and S Service, Moorpark Farm, Sandhead. Best pair, junior cow in milk and best female – A Clark. Heifer-in-calf and heifer-in-milk – I Service.

Jersey (Judge: Ms D Liddle, Northallerton). Reserve interbreed and champion – R and M Scott, Shacklehill Farm, Mossblown with their third calver Clifton Vanahlem Clover, classified Ex92 and is by Pannoo ABE Vanahlem. She is due her fourth calf on her fifth birthday in November and is projected to produce 11,500 litres in 2019. She previously stood champion at UK Dairy Expo, the Highland and Ayr Show this year and her calf Tequila, born November 2018, will be sold at Carlisle this August. Reserve – R Buchanan, Laigh Kilphin, Ballantrae with his two-year-old Tintoview Colton Camelia VG86, who is producing 31 litres daily. She was on her first show outing for 2019 and previously stood interbreed heifer champion at Colmonell in 2018. Heifer calf – R Buchanan. Heifer stirk not in calf, heifer-in-calf and pair – Wellhouse Jerseys, Kirkcolm. Heifer-in-milk – Messrs J S Watson, High Mark, Leswalt. Cow-in-milk – R and M Scott.

Any Other Breed (Judge: Ms S Liddle). Champion – R Buchannan, Laigh Kilphin, Ballantrae with his home-bred Jersey cross Holstein cow, Tintoview Wind Inga EX90. She is by Feizor Flowing and out of Bramjill Mcguire and is giving 41 litres daily at 4.45% butter fat and 3.5% protein. Reserve was R McColm, High Boreland, Lochans. Heifer Calf, heifer stirk and best pair - R McColm. Cow-in-milk - R Buchanan.

Holstein (Judge: J Baillie, Larkhall). Dairy interbreed and champion – J McNeil, Cairnpat Farm, Lochans, Stranraer with his Second calver Cairnpat McCutcheon Lotus who produced 11,000 litres during her 2018 lactation and is currently being milked twice a day providing 65 litres. She hails from a herd of 450 milking cows and is by McCutcheon and out of Tharla Lotus. This was her first outing in 2019 but previously she stood heifer derby winner at Stranraer in 2018. Reserve – R Buchanan, Laigh Kilphin, Ballantrae with his home-bred cow Tintoview Obama Diana EX93 who is giving 50litres daily at 4% butter fat and 3.25% protein. She is by Stardale Obama and out of Tintoview Roxell Diana EX96(7e) and previously stood champion at Colmonell in 2017. Heifer calf, in-calf-heifer and heifer-in-milk having calved not older than 34 months of age – A McKay & W Sloan, North Milton, Glenluce. Heifer born between August 1, 2018 and November 30, 2018 – R and M Scott. Heifer stirk and junior cow-in-milk having calved twice – J McNeil. Pair of females from same herd - R & A Agnew, West Dhuloch, Kirkcolm. Senior cow-in-milk having calved three or more times and group of three animals from same herd - R Buchanan.

Dairy Young Handlers Junior first place – Kyle Scott, Shacklehill Farm, Mossblown. Second place – Murray McNeil, Fineview Farm, Glenluce. Third place – Cara Jamieson, Laigh Kilphin, Ballantrae. Intermediate first place – Wilson Sloan, North Milton, Glenluce. Second place – Rory Scott, Shacklehill Farm. Third place – Louise Craig, High Boreland Lochans. Senior first place - Douglas Buchanan, Laigh Kilphin. Second place – Shaun Rennie, Laigh Kilphin. Third place – Ailsa Buchanan – Laigh Kilphin.

Galloways (Judge: P Hunter Blair, Dalry). Beef interbreed, champion and reserve – W McCornick, Barquhill Farm, Wigtown with his eight-year-old cow Blackcraig Mossrose. She is by Blackcraig Norseman and out of a Blackcraig Mossrose cow. This was her second time winning the overall beef interbreed at Stranraer taking the title previously in 2016. This year she stood second prize in her class at the Royal highland Show. Reserve was his 17-month-old home-bred Bull, Major. He is out of Barquhill Dusty and by Barquhill Domination. He stood second in his class at the Highland and will be for sale at Castle Douglas in February. Bull, heifer, cow-in-milk or calf and pair- W McCornick. Heifer-in-milk or calf - Mochrum Estates.

Belted Galloways (Judge: P Hunter Blair). Champion – D Bertie, Mochrum Estate, Port William with a 22-month-old heifer, Mochrum Kirsten on her first show outing. She is by Broadmeadows Jamie and out of Mochrum Kestie. On the dam side, her breeding dates back to Lady Flora Stuart’s original cow Mochrum Kirsty, a prolific show animal in the 1980’s. Reserve – B and J Landers, Bargaly Farm, Newton Stewart with their 16-month-old bull calf Cairnsmore Minstrel. He is out of Lullendon Apple Dumpling and by Tobergill Sam and stood second at Straiton show. He will be for sale in 2020. Bull calf born after August, 1, 2018 - Glenapp Estate, Ballantrae. Heifer calf, heifer stirk, heifer-in-calf or milk and cow-in-milk or calf - Mochrum Estates. Bull calf born between August 1, 2017 and August 1, 2018 - B and J Landers.

Belted Galloway Young Handlers First place – David Lawson, Bargaly farm. Second place – Callum Gordon. Third place – Emily Russell, Glenapp Estate. Fourth place – Douglas Russell, Glenapp Estate.

Native Beef Breeds (Judge: A Hastings, Stranraer). Champion – W and EI Brown, Laigh Drumdow, Turnberry with their 16-month-old Aberdeen Angus bull calf Drumdow Rasper. The home-bred bull is by Blelack Evril and is out of a home-bred cow. He stood reserve male champion at the stars of the future and will be for sale at Stirling in October. Reserve – B and J landers, Bargaly Farm, Newton Stewart with their two-year-old in-calf Shorthorn heifer, Cairnsmore Lois. The home-bred heifer is by Chapleton Dauphine and out of Cairnsmore Darlene Averell. She stood reserve champion at Ayr this year and had a successful 2018 season picking up reserve champion at Wigtown, Dumfries and Glenkens. Bull calf, heifer stirk, pair and best male – W and EI Brown. Heifer-in-calf or in milk and best female – B and J Landers.

Continental Beef Breeds (Judge: D Lowry, Lanark). Champion – A and S Stevenson, Carbello Farm, Cumnock with their 25-month-old Pure Limousin heifer, Burnbank Neve. She was bought at Carlisle as a weaned calf in December 2017 and is out of Burnbank Jen and by Maraiscote Lettisier. She stood Limousin champion at Dumfries in 2018 and was pure-bred champion at Dalrymple in 2019. Reserve – W J Fisher, Mark Farm, Dunragit with his 16-month-old Simmental bull, Brownhill Jagger on his first outing. He is by Corskie Elgin and out of Broombrae Delight. He hails from a dairy farm where they keep around four Simmental and is due to be sold at the Stirling bull sales in October. Bull and heifer calf born after August 1, 2018 – N and N Gwynne, Castlewigg Farm, Whithorn. Bull calf born between August 1, 2017 and August 1, 2018 – W J Fisher. Heifer born between August 1, 2016 and August 1, 2017 and best female – A and S Stevenson.

Commercial Cattle (Judge: D Lowry). Reserve interbreed and champion - J Hyslop, Balluskie, Barrhill with her home-bred Limousin cross heifer, Queen of Hearts. She returns to success on the Scottish circuit having taken the championship at the Great Yorkshire show, accompanying top prize tickets from numerous local shows throughout the 2019 show season. The rising one-year-old is by Waindale UFO and out of a Charolais cross cow bought from David Henderson, Auchinreve. Reserve - A & E Vance, Bridgehouse Farm, Whithorn. Female calf and interbreed junior beef champion – A McIntosh and R Wallace, Drumflower Farm, Dunragit. Best male calf – A and S Stevenson. Best continental steer – A and E Vance. Best continental heifer – J Hyslop.

Beef Young Handlers First place - Amy Vance, Bridgehouse. Second place – Calum Cook, Glendoune, Girvan. Third place – Adam McGuire, Low Three Mark, Stoneykirk.

Blackface (Judge: J McGregor, Milton of Campsie). Reserve interbreed, champion and reserve – W Ramsay and son, Milnmark, Dalry took the Blackface championship for the second year in a row, but this year with their home-bred two-crop ewe by a £16,000 Dyke tup and out of a dam by an £8000 Harprew. He was shown successfully in 2018 and hails from a flock of 2000 Blackface. Reserve was their previously unshown gimmer by a £55,000 Harprew and out of a dam by a grandson of a £7,500 Clanary. Tup – A K Brooke, Carscreugh, Glenluce. Shearling Tup, group of three from different class and best opposite sex to champion - L & D Hair, Drumbreddan, Ardwell. Tup Lamb - J Mitchell & Sons, Little Larg, New Luce. Ewe and gimmer - W Ramsay & Son.

Suffolk (Judge: C Watson, Ballymena). Champion- J Wallace, Claycrop Farm, Kirkinner with his four-crop ewe by Arlea Atomic and out of a home-bred dam who took the breed championship at the Royal Highland in 2016 as a three-crop ewe. She stood champion at Wigtown in 2018 and was reserve here at Straiton in 2018. She hails from a flock of 45 suffolks. Reserve – J Cannon, Redbrae Farm, Wigtown with his February-born tup lamb by Castleisle Cruise and out of a home-bred dam by Ardlea Atomic. He will be sold at Kelso. Aged ram, ewe, ewe lamb and group of three – J Wallace. Ram lamb and gimmer – J Cannon.

Border Leicester (Judge: T Tennant, Ettrick). Champion – D and I Walker, Alticane, Pinwherry, Girvan with their gimmer by Clola Cracker Jack and out of a dam by Lyham Lord Kelso. she stood second in her class at the Highland and is due to go to the Four Nation breed show in Carlisle. Reserve – W and T Nelson, High Kilphin, Ballantrae with their three-crop ewe by a Kilphin sire and out of Drennans Finbob. She hails from a flock of 23 breeding ewes and was on her first outing of 2019. Shearling ram, ewe and ewe lamb – W and T Nelson. Ram lamb and best sheep of opposite sex to champion – J Barrowman, North Knockglass farm, Stranraer. Gimmer and group of three – W and I Walker, Laigh Alticane, Pinwherry.

Blue Faced Leicester (Judge: J Ross, Dumfries). Champion – M Drummond, Cassington, Maybole with a two-crop ewe Cassington Shona by a Cassington G1 tup. She is out of a home-bred dam by a Myfyrian sire and stood fourth in her class at the Highland. She hails from a flock of 40 traditional Blue Faced Leicester and 15 crosses. Reserve – W Barrowman, Mid Knockglass Farm, Stranraer with his previously unshown march-born tup lamb. He is out of a home-bred ewe and by Kirby Redgate and will be for sale later in the year. Shearling lamb, Ewe, gimmer and group of three – M Drummond. Ram lamb and ewe lamb – J Barrowman.

Scotch Mules (Judge: J Ross). Champion and reserve – R Wallace, Macherquhat, Ballantrae with his march-born ewe lamb by a Kilnstown J12 sire and out of a home-bred dam. She was part of the group of three who took first place at Dalrymple. Reserve was his group of three ewe lambs, two of which are by a Kilnstown J12 tup and one by an Ian Minto tup, Townshead, Biggar. Two of the group were also part of the winning group of three at Dalrymple alongside the champion. All classes – R Wallace.

Any Other Pure Breed (Judge: I Campbell, Ballantrae). Champion and reserve – A Brisbane, Little Tongue Farm, Castle Kennedy with his Blue Texel gimmer, Hackney Cover Girl, bought as a ewe lamb at Carlisle from Paul and Christine Tibbets. She is by the £18,000 tup Joe’s Alvin who holds the record breed price and is out of an imported ewe from Holland. She stood champion at Stirling and Ayr. Reserve was his one-crop ewe Jonsland Breese who was bought as a ewe lamb at Carlisle in 2017. The Blue Texel is by Whatmore Yorkie and out of Jonsland Xciting. Aged ram – M and C Drummond, Cassington, Maybole. Ram lamb and ewe lamb – Challoch Farms, Leswalt. Ewe, gimmer and group of three – A Brisbane.

Texel (Judge: J Gibb, Biggar). Champion – R and F McTaggart, Glen Farm, Gatehouse of Fleet with their gimmer off a Milnbank Wild Child and out of a Knap bred ewe. She previously stood first as a ewe lamb at Colmonell in 2018 and Stranraer was her first show outing for 2019. Reserve – D Hair, Drumbreddan Farm, Stranraer with his ewe lamb by Midlock Yorkie and out of a Scholars 2012 dam. She hails from a flock of 20 Texels and was on her first outing at Stranraer show. Shearling ram – I Fisher, Merrick farm, Portpatrick. Ram lamb – A Campbell, Dinnans, Whithorn. Ewe and gimmer – R and F McTaggart. Ewe lamb and group of three – L and D Hair.

Beltex (Judge: D Hodge, Auchinleck) . Champion – J McMillan, Carse of Clary, Newton Stewart with his home-bred shearling gimmer, Clary Delight. She is by Hackney Braveheart and out of Clary Belle. She hails from a flock of 50 Beltex and stood champion at the Highland. Reserve – N and J McQuistin, High Airyolland, New Luce with his home-bred tup lamb Airyolland Esperado on his first outing. He is out of a Wet N Wild dam and is by Airyolland Asulam who sired a £65000 Castral. Aged ram, gimmer, ewe lamb and group of three – J McMillan. Ram lamb and ewe – N and J McQuistin

Zwartbles (Judge: C Rae, Collin). Champion – I Brisbane, Little Tongue Farm, Castle Kennedy with her home-bred gimmer Auchmantle Fancy Pants, by a home-bred tup Auchmantle Dambuster. She is out of Killymallaght Damsel who was bought at Carlisle as a gimmer for £1600. She stood second at the Scottish national breed show and will be kept for breeding. Reserve – C, E and Russel, Glenapp Estate, Ballantrae with their march-born tup lamb Zig Zag Guinness who is one of triplets. He is by Craigies Doctor Jacket and out of Cynefin Lightning. He was on his first outing and hails from a flock of 12 breeding ewes. Aged ram – N and R Bodle, High Boreland, Glenluce. Ram lamb – Glenapp Estate. Ewe – R Torbet, Whitecrook, Dunragit. Gimmer – I Brisbane. Ewe lamb – R A and M Stewart, Challochmun, Glenluce. Group of three – C and H Duffy, The Smiddy Bungalow, Dunragit.

Sheep young handlers Junior first place – Alexander Clark, Meikle Glengyre, Leswalt. Second place – Ramsay McKnight, Cooriedoon, Glenluce. Third place – Sam Vance, Bridgehouse Farm, Whithorn. Senior first place – James Drummond, Cassington, maybole. Second place – Gregor Vance – Bridgehouse Farm. Third place – Rhianna Bodle – High Boreland, Glenluce.

Clydesdales (Judge: J Steele: Jackton). Champion – C Young, Hall Farm, Ayr with her four-year-old mare Clerkington Cassandra by Doura Kingmaker and out of Garleton Katy. This was her second year running winning the title at Stranraer. Reserve went to H Ramsay, Millisle Farm, Garlieston with his six-year-old gelding Jack. He won best gelding at the Yorkshire and second prize gelding at the Royal Highland this year. Yeld mare – C Young. Gelding and filly foal – H Ramsay. One-year-old filly – W Gemmell, Holmhead of Boreland, Kirkcowan. Brood mare – H M Smith, No2 Sheddock Cottage, Whithorn. Best pair and ridden Clydesdale – A Anderson and I Nisbet, Lainshawmains Farm, Stewarton.