By Kathryn Dick

More than 12,000 spectators descending on Glendale Show on one of the hottest show days on record, to catch a glimpse of Clive Storey's well-known gelding, Masquerade, being crowned champion of champions.

Mr Storey from Yetholm, rode his 12-year-old hunter to victory against some stiff competition from the sheep and cattle sections. No stranger to the show circuit over the years, Masquerade, which is sired by Derrymore Lad and out of Marie Cross, has secured the exact same award at Dalkeith and supreme horse at Peebles this year.

The three cattle sections – pedigree continental, pedigree native, and commercial – judged by Louise Allan, Maybole – saw her choice of native champion, top the leader board. This was the five-year-old Aberdeen Angus heifer, Carlhurlie Quorum, shown by Dallas Allen, who together with his sister Ruth and parents Bill and Kate, farm at Stouphill, Alnwick. A daughter of Balmachie Black Bard, out of Carlhurlie Quaisi, she was paraded with her May-born bull calf, by Rawburn Estonian, at foot.

“She is an outstanding animal, and one which stood out in the ring," said Louise, who was most impressed by all the cattle on parade.

"The Aberdeen Angus is an absolute diva, correct and stylish and she's feeding her calf well.”

It was also a proud moment for the Allens, who were producing a personal best at Glendale.

“Today has been tremendous, we have been showing at Glendale for a few years now and this heifer was reserve here three years ago and to scoop championship today is a massive honour,” said Dallas.

An even bigger line up of sheep champions saw the inter-breed winner emerge from a strong show of MV Texels. This was a home-bred Texel shearling ram by Glenway Ace of Diamonds, from Ian Murray, Wrangham. He out of a home-bred ewe by Brackenridge Strongbow and stood reserve male champion at last year’s Royal Highland Show, and reserve at Northumberland.

LEADING awards

Suffolk (Judge: D Miskelly). Champion – M Walton, Lilburn Estates Farming Partnership, with a ram lamb, by a Birness tup bought at Shrewsbury in 2018, out a home-bred ewe. He was first at the Border Union Show and is destined for the Kelso Ram Sales. Reserve – C Nelson, Kelso, with a ewe lamb by Cairnton the Cracker, out of a ewe that stood reserve at Kelso and champion at the Haddington and Border Suffolk Show this year. Tup, tup lamb – M Walton. Ewe lamb – C Nelson.

Texel (Judge: D Fleming). Champion and inter-breed sheep – I Murray, Wrangham, Redsteads, with a shearling ram, that stood reserve at the Royal Highland and third at Northumberland. He is sired by Glenway Ace of Diamonds, out of a Brackenridge Strongbow-sired ewe and is set to be sold at the Kelso Ram Sales next month. Reserve – J Guiry, Glanton Town, Northumberland, with a ewe lamb bought in utero of a Teiglum Younggun-sired dam, and by Sportsman Batman. She was fourth at the Border Union Show and is of similar bloodlines to the Royal Welsh champion. Tup, tup lamb, ewe – I Murray. Gimmer – N Edmondson. Ewe lamb – J Guiry.

Zwartbles (Judge: D Miskelly). Champion and reserve – S Craig, Wormerlaw, Kelso. Champion was a ewe lamb by Craigy Flippinheck, out of a home-bred ewe, that stood reserve female at the Royal Highland and won her class at the Scottish National Show. Reserve was a gimmer of the same breeding. All classes – S Craig.

Any other breed (Judge: D Miskelly). Champion – J Guiry, Glanton Town, Northumberland, with a Beltex ewe lamb by Smartass Dapper, out of a Corra Rambo-sired ewe. Reserve – R Dunn, with a shearling ram. Tup, ewe – R Dunn. Tup lamb, ewe lamb – J Guiry.

Non-MV accredited

Prime lambs (Judge: D Fleming). Champion – Miss F Mellor, The Granary, North Farm, Warenford, with a pair of Beltex-sired lambs. Reserve – CR Fawcett and Son. Lightweight continental pair, heavyweight continental pair, heavyweight Beltex pair – CR Fawcett. Lightweight Beltex pair – F Mellor.

Suffolk (Judge: L Jackson). Champion – J Elliot, Brantoneastside, with a gimmer by a Glenrath tup, out of a Rugley-sired home-bred ewe. Reserve – D Mair with a ram lamb. Tup, ewe lamb – A Walton. Tup lamb – D Mair. Gimmer – J Elliot.

Texel (Judge: L Jackson). Champion – A Walton, Preston Mains, Chathill, with a tup lamb out of a home-bred ewe and sired by a bought-in tup from Kelso in 2018. Reserve – JR Whitecross, with a gimmer. Tup, tup lamb, ewe lamb – A Walton. Ewe, gimmer – JR Whitecross.

Hill-type Cheviot (Judge: P Tweedie). Champion and reserve – A Hutcheon, Harside, Powburn. Champion was a two-crop ewe by Woodside Bowman purchased at Lairg in 2011, out of a home-bred ewe. This was her first outing. Reserve was a tup lamb out of a home-bred dam and by Sorbietrees Bycount, a tup shared with the Attonburn. Tup, tup lamb, ewe – A Hutcheon. Shearling tup, gimmer – WN Douglas. Ewe lamb – Cheviot Farming.

Park-type Cheviot (Judge: B Cockburn). Champion and reserve inter-breed – A Cowan, Philiphaugh Estate, with a gimmer bought as a ewe lamb from Ericstane. Reserve – S Davies, North Synton, Selkirk, with a tup lamb out a home-bred ewe and by Wandylaw Talent. He won his class at St Boswells. Tup, tup lamb, ewe – S Davies. Gimmer – A Cowan. Ewe lamb – D Walton, Lilburn Estates.

Blackface (Judge: M Coubrough). Champion and reserve – Lilburn Estates Farming Partnership. Champion was a ewe lamb by a £25,000 Elmscleugh, out of a Burncastle-sired home-bred ewe. Reserve was a gimmer with the same breeding as the champion. Ewe, gimmer, ewe lamb – Lilburn Estates Farming Partnership. Shearling tup – G Herdman. Tup – J Wood.

Bluefaced Leicester traditional-type (Judge: B Cockburn). Champion and reserve – M and N Gray, Low Espley. Champion was a one-crop-ewe that stood champion at the Progeny Show at Penrith. She is by an H1 Shrewbridge, out of a home-bred dam by the F2 Ashes. Tup, tup lamb, ewe, gimmer – M and N Gray. Ewe lamb – Lilburn Estates Farming Partnership.

Bluefaced Leicester crossing-type (Judge: M Coubrough). Champion and reserve – J Herdman, Edlingham, Newtown. Champion was a two-crop-ewe that was reserve here last year. She is by a Carryhouse tup bought at Hawes in 2015, out of a home-bred dam with a Midlock tup. Tup lamb – J Elliot, Brantoneastside. Ewe, gimmer, ewe lamb – J Herdman.

Mule (Judge: W Hedley). Champion and reserve – J Elliot, Brantoneastside. Champion was a one-crop-ewe sired by a Steel tup and out of a bought-in Greenleighton ewe. Reserve was a gimmer of similar breeding. Ewe, gimmer, ewe lamb – J Elliot.

Native commercial sheep (Judge: M Young). Champion and reserve – P Stott, Elilaw, Rothbury. Champion was a home-bred gimmer and will be kept for commercial use, while reserve was a ewe lamb. Gimmer, ewe lamb – P Stott. Ewe – E Reeves.

Continental commercial sheep (Judge: M Young). Champion – K Gray, with a ewe lamb. Reserve – Lilburn Estates Farming Partnership with a ewe. Tup lamb – D Patrick. Ewe – Lilburn Estates Farming Partnership. Gimmer – F Mellor, The Granary, North Farm, Warenford. Ewe lamb – K Gray.

Black wool sheep (Judge: P Tweedie). Champion and reserve – J R Whitecross. All classes – J R Whitecross.

Rare/minority breeds (Judge: J Burns). Champion – C Holmes, Tramwell, with a coloured Ryeland gimmer, which has previously been reserve at the North Yorkshire. She is by Tramwell Trooper and out of Crofthome Poppy. Reserve – E Reeves. Aged tup, tup lamb – E Reeves. Ewe/gimmer – C Holmes. Ewe lamb – A Forsyth.

Sheep young handlers (Judge: J Sinclair). Aged 12 and under – 1, Ralph Naylor; 2, Henry Merchampman; 3, Ewan Hamish.

Cattle (Judge: L Allan). Champion and reserve champion of champions – Allen family, Stouphill Farm, with Carlhurlie Quorum, a five-year-old Aberdeen Angus heifer, led by Dallas Allen. She is by Balmachie Black Bard and out of Carlhurlie Quaisi. She won her class at the Border Union Show and was shown with her May-born calf, a son of Rawburn Estonian. Reserve – J Craggs, Glouer-Oer-him Farm, with the one-year-old British Blue cross Limousin heifer, Scallywag. She was bought in November 2018, was commercial champion at Haddington Show and is by Lune Valley Forester. Commercial – Cow and calf, bred – F Murray. Calf, baby beef steer – D Watkin. Baby beef heifer – L Corner. Heifer – J Craggs. Pedigree continental – Bull, two-year-old heifer, yearling heifer – Messrs Morgan and Johnson. Cow – L Corner. Pedigree native – Bull, yearling heifer – Kersquarter Angus. Cow, two-year-old heifer – WD Allen.