Taking place at the East of England Showground for the second year, the All Breeds All Britain Calf Show provided a fantastic showcase of some of the very best dairy calves and young handlers from across the UK.

More than 320 calves and 200 competitors were at the annual event, with seven breeds represented – Holstein, Ayrshire, British Friesian, Brown Swiss, Dairy Shorthorn, Guernsey and Jersey.

It was an all-female final line-up in the Holstein showmanship championship with Rachel Williamson of the Border and Lakeland Club taking the champion spot.

Jodie Nutsford, from the Western Club, followed closely as reserve champion, ahead of Rosie Dennison from the Lancashire Club who was awarded Honourable mention.

The calf show saw an excellent display in both rings with the Holstein classes being judged by Javier Alvarez Lastra, from Spain, who tapped out Ingleden Fitz Papoose as his champion, owned by Messrs Williamson of Border and Lakeland.

Reserve was awarded to Nethervalley Kingpin Sara from Robbie and Margot Scott of the Scottish Club and Andrew and Jane Whittaker’s Knowlesmere Solomon Chic from the Shropshire Club, took home the Honourable mention.

LEADING awards

Showmanship championship – Ayrshire – Champion – Millie Tomlinson. Reserve – Hollie Keenan. Honourably mention – Iida Maki. BF – Champion – Abi Marshall. Reserve – Daniel Edwards. Honourably mention – David Oultram. Brown Swiss – Champion – Champion – Mark Guthrie. Reserve – Hattie Hassall. Honourably mention – Heather Bland. Dairy Shorthorn – Champion – Harry Collins. Reserve – Molly Collines. Honourably mention – George Outlram. Guernesy – Champion – Michael Dawes. Reserve – Jasmine Wells. Honourably mention – Shannon Dawes. Jersey – Champion – Emily David. Reserve – Lauren Parkhouse. Honourably mention – Calum Gray

Championships – Ayrshire (Judge: Iwan Thomas) – Champion – Sandyford Supreme Sea Lily, E and O Wake and E T Tomlinson and Son. Reserve – Denmans Supreme Lizzie, H Sayer and Son. Honourably mention – Marleycote Sea Lily 29, A Smith

British Friesian (Judge: Glyn Lucas) – Champion – Lismulligan Pauline 15, B Lawson and Sons. Reserve – Aintree Jupiter Dazzle, Aintree. Honourably mention – Gemini Quaich Rosie, L Rockett and T Marshall

Brown Swiss (Judge: Brian Miller) – Champion – Blackrack Dynamite Mandy, Messrs Williamson. Reserve – Blackrack Dynamite Reia, Messrs Williamson. Honourably mention – Holdontoyourhats Bo Peep, H Hassall

Dairy Shorthorn (Judge: Meurig James) – Champion – Cotonhall Joyland Alicia, R Kite. Reserve – Cotonhall Blaze Lady Barrington, R Kite. Honourably mention – Kidstones Wild Queen, A E Wilkes

Guernsey (Judge: Emma Murray) – Champion – Kimcote Conquest Peach 4, A and R Thomas. Reserve – Greenfield Dollars Diana, M, C and E Greenslade. Honourably mention – Flambeau Ladys Man Freda 2, M Dawes

Jersey (Judge: Arwyn Wilson) – Champion – Potterswalls Impression Evening, The Fleming Family. Reserve – Layward Victoriously Divine, A Harvey and T Wake. Honourably mention – Rivermead Casino Natty, The Davis Family