The Highland Cattle Society's national fold competition has witnessed cattle from the North of Scotland to the South of England in competition.

Split into large and small fold categories, the competition was judged by Matt Auld, who looks after Glasgow City Council's Pollok fold, who travelled the length and breadth of the UK to pick his winners – and found his winners at either end of the UK.

His choice of large fold winner was Michael Poland's Mottistone fold, which is mainly based the Isle of Wight, while the top small fold was Heather Corrigall's Earn fold, which is based at Nigg, in Easter Ross.

Mr Auld said: ‘I was very impressed with the high standard of the 12 folds that I visited. It was the stature, uniformity, and femininity of the Earn and Mottistone folds that caught my eye and earned them top prize in their sections."

Large fold winner, Michael Poland, said: “This award means more to us than any other we have previously achieved. It reflects the fold’s overall high and even quality we aim for and is a great credit to the team that works with me.”

Heather Corrigall said: “We were excited at the opportunity the national fold competition gave us to showcase the breeding cows and stock bulls that gave us a strong foundation. To be recognised at national level is fantastic and we are all very pleased.

Next 'national' fold competition will be held in 2021.