Scottish National Fatstock Club treasurer, Jim Meikle, Mitford, East Linton, enjoyed his best year at the Lanark event, taking the tri-colour for the best grain.

Mr Meikle’s sole entry, a 2kg sample of Barrel winter wheat, came from an 80-acre field grown for feed.

Judge Hugh McClymont, farm manager of the SRUC’s Crichton Royal at Dumfries, said he was looking for big bold grains and grain that was well presented.

He found his reserve in an entry from last year’s winners, Robert and Susan Robb, Woodhead of Aberdalgie, Perth with their first prize spring barley, Invictus which had been grown in a 25-acre field for Harleys seed.

Keeping it in the family, son Fraser (20) won the championship amongst the juniors for the section year in succession and also landed the reserve.

His winning entry was a 2kg sample of Florentine winter barley, with Invictus spring barley, taking the runner-up sash.

Pedigree Holstein breeder, Jim Boyd of the Letterickhills herd who also won the dairy section at LiveScot, triumphed to take the top honours amongst the forage with pit silage.

LEADING awards

Grain, silage and hay

Barley – Spring – 1 and reserve grain, R Wood, Woodhead of Aberdalgie; 2, H Jackson, Boat. Winter – 1, R Wood, Woodhead of Aberdalgie; 2, R Nelson, Cuttlehill; 3, R Wood, Woodhead of Aberdalgie.

Oats – 1, R Nelson, Cuttlehill.

Wheat – Winter – 1 and champion grain, J Meikle, Mitford; 2, R Wood, Woodhead of Aberdalgie; 3, J and T Macpherson, Pitsundry.

Grass silage – Wrapped – 1, F Murray, East Horton; 2, R and M Struthers, Collielaw; 3, G Scott, Gateside. Pit – 1, J Boyd, Lettrickhills; 2, F Murray, East Horton; 3, Sophie Bannatyne, Drumalblin. Cereal whole-crop – 1, R Nelson, Cuttlehill.

Hay – J Brown, Millmoor; 2, J and T MacPherson, Pitsundry; 3, H Jackson, Boat.

Juniors – Barley – Spring – 1 and junior reserve and 2, F Robb, Woodhead of Aberdalgie. Winter – 1 and junior champion and 2, F Robb, Woodhead of Aberdalgie.