Good work outbye and at hand, at Culloden, gave Kenny Brehmer’s Thistledown Fern another win.

The Blackface hoggs ran consistently throughout a dry, sunny and very frosty day, but needed careful handling, particularly at the pen and shed.

Thistledown Fern (DL Heard’s Tan and Thistledown Annie) came in quite tight at top of her outrun and stopped, needing a whistle from Kenny to take her to her sheep, but managed to lift and fetch impeccably.

Her drive started well, but the hoggs were slightly offline on the cross drive and had some difficulty getting around the bale which served for the cross drive gate which affected the turn back to the pen.

The pen was good, with just a small break before the packet was secured safely within and a clean shed completed the winning run.

Geordie Simpson’s unregistered Ace ran out cleanly to the top, and although he needed a little extra encouragement to lift his sheep, he too, achieved a clean fetch.

The hoggs were offline at the start of the drive away, and again, before the gate, but Ace managed to put them through the gate.

They were slightly off line again on the cross drive and the return to the pen was not as tidy as it might have been. Ace penned after a break and finished his run with a clean shed and second place, hot on the heels of Fern.

The Cheviot hoggs at Carcant also ran well on a cold frosty day but the long outrun on the airstrip field tested many of the young dogs.

Davie Wallace’s Jock (RB Henderson’s Skid, D Wallace’s Tess) ran out and lifted well and had an excellent fetch.

He made a good run round Davie’s feet, but the line of the drive was flexible, becoming banana-like on the cross drive.

Despite that, Jock got his sheep through the gates. It took a little time to pen the sheep, but Jock stopped any attempted breaks from developing and completed the winning run with a good, quick shed.

Julie Hill’s Ben (A Owen’s Cap, D Jones’ bitch) was a little short on his outrun, but worked smoothly from there.

He lifted his sheep and had a good fetch and drive with minor wavers, worked well at hand and took a close second place to Jock, only a point behind him.

Leading awards

Carcant (Judge: R Henderson, Crawford) Nursery – 29 ran – 1, D Wallace’s Jock, Blyth Bridge, 86; 2, J Hill’s, Ben, Heriot, 85; 3, GC Gardner’s Bonnie, Lesmahagow, 80; 4, I Fleming’s Glen, Douglas,75; 5, L Hinneken’s Zorg, Quothquan, 72; 6, T McKinlay’s Ben, Coulter, 67 Outbye; 7, J Hill’s Priory Kep, Heriot, 67; 8, RB Henderson’s Bob, Heriot, 66; 9, H Brown’s Heatherstane Keeve, Coulter, 63;10, S Morgan’s Jess, Heriot, 62 Outbye. Novice – 12 ran – 1, T McKinlay’s Ben, Coulter, 67 Outbye; 2, M McColm’s Sky, Leadhills, 67; 3, R Reid’s Taff, Carnwath, 66; 4, C Kirkland’s Sweep, Kirknewton, 62; 5, K Blackwood’s Hank, Abington, 52; 6, V Ambriz’ Knox, Edinburgh, 49; 7, M McColm’s Linc, Leadhills, 48; 8, D MacKinnon’s Jura, Bathgate, 42.

Woodside of Culloden (Judge: E Mackinnon, Coulags) Nursery – 21 ran - 1, K Brehmer’s Thistledown Fern, New Bythe, 89; 2, G Simpson’s Ace, Forgue, 88; 3, S Campbell’s Queen, Skye, 83; 4, G Simpson’s Mick, Forgue, 81; 5, H MacKenzie’s Nap, Kinbrace, 79; 6, G Simpson’s Jim, Forgue, 74; 7, J Grant’s Ban, Dunbeath, 72; 8, T Robertson’s Ruby, 69; 9, J MacDiarmid’s Jade, Eynort, 68 Outbye; 10, I Sutherland’s High Ash Hugo, Strathnaver, 68. Old Dogs – 9 ran – 1, I Sutherland’s Sid, Strathnaver, 90; 2, H Johnstone’s Fellgate Bella, Fyvie, 87; 3, J McKenzie’s Tweedie, Turriff, 83.

Northumberland Nursery League – Whitfield (Judge: R Watson, Millom) Nursery – 22 ran – 1, B Jordan’s, Coon, Whitfield, 75; 2, P Turnbull’s Deb, Debdon,73; 3, D Henderson’s Allendale Bree, Allendale, 71; 4, M Northwood’s Boon, East Woodburn, 69; 5, E Gray’s Megan, Great Elsdon, 68; 6, M Davidson’s Poppy, Lilburn, 67. Novice – C Murphy’s Tansy Corbridge; New Handler – A Saul’s Tess, Otterburn.