A 'workmanlike run' with a good, clean pen, when others found the sheep resisting there, gave Davie Gilchrist’s Gus the edge over the field at Troneyhill.

The Texel hoggs ran well on the flat, 300-yard course, on a good winter day, in the shelter of a nearby wood, but they were not keen to be penned and would face up to the dog.

Davie Gilchrist’s Gus (D Gilchrist’s Dan and Jade) ran out well and although he stopped just a little short, a whistle took him to his sheep. They started quickly down the fetch, but on a good line and Gus managed to get them slowed down to a steadier pace for the second half of the fetch.

They turned neatly round Davie’s feet and went up the first leg of the drive on a good line and through the gate. The line of the cross drive wavered a little, and although the hoggs reached the mouth of the gate, they slipped by on the top side.

Despite that, they turned neatly and made a good return to the pen. Gus held them there, then walked them calmly into the pen. The hoggs took a little time to settle at the shed, but Gus eventually made a good shed and finished his run in first place.

Ian Jackson’s Glanygors Roy (JP McGee’s Seth, I Carle’s Malta Pat) got off to a very good start, with a clean outrun, a near perfect lift and a very good fetch. The drive started off well, but although the hoggs seemed to be on a good line for the gates, an element of misjudgement on the part of the handler let them slip by, not only the first set of gates but also the second. A good pen and shed helped to make up for that and Roy took second place.

Near perfection outbye and at hand put Duncan Robertson’s Derwen Roy comfortably ahead of the field at Gaups Mill.

The Blackface hoggs were lively on a flat course with no fetch gates and provided a good test for the young dogs. A chute replaced the pen.

Derwen Roy (S Holt’s Highbeck Blake, G Jones’ Derwen Mali) ran out cleanly to the right, taking a nice road, lifted the sheep flawlessly and fetched them down the field on a very good line, with only a single point lost.

The first leg of the drive was not so smooth, but the hoggs went through the gates and then onto the cross drive on a good line, but they slipped past the top side of the cross drive gate. Roy recovered his sheep well and took them on a good, controlled line back to the chute and put them through. A good, clean shed completed the winning run with a comfortable margin.

Bob Malcolm’s unregistered Gael also made a clean, right hand outrun, and although Gael lifted slightly off line, she made a good fetch, on a good line. The hoggs gathered pace round the course and just missed both sets of gates, although running on otherwise good lines.

Bob and Gael managed to get the sheep settled just before the chute, and finished with clean work at hand and second place.


Gaups Mill, Moniaive (Judge: I Lockhart, Dalrymple). Nursery – 11 ran – 1, D Robertson’s Derwen Roy, Langholm, 88; 2, R Malcolm’s Gael, Gatehouse, 83; 3, AR Mundell’s Groesfaen Roy, Moffat, 79; 4, AR Mundell’s Groesfaen Tweed, Moffat, 77; 5, D McMillan's Ruby, Carsphairn, 74; 6, H Jackson’s Tom, Penpont,73; 7, JW Common’s Jimmy, Lockerbie, 72; 8, J Thomson’s Sid, Penpont, 68.

Troneyhill (Judge: D Henderson, Allendale). Nursery – 12 ran – 1, D Gilchrist’s Gus, Oxton, 74; 2, I Jackson’s Glanygors Roy, Ancrum, 72; 3, E Foster’s Bess, Brotherston, 70; 4, JB Foster’s Graylees Tipsy, Earlston, 69; 5, A Dickman’s Meg, Oxton, 67; 6, G Pate’s Fly, Humbie, 62; 7, WS Elliot’s Moss, Yetholm, 61; 8, J Robinson’s Nap, Coldingham, 50.

Northumberland Nursery League

Hawick Farm (Judge: D Corbett, Rochester). Nursery – 21 ran – 1, K Preston’s Ross, Elsdon, 80; 2, B Jordan’s, Coon, Whitfield, 78; 3, M Davidson’s Blair, Lilburn, 76; 4, T Iley’s Watson, Longframlington, 75; 5, P Telfer’s Gin, Haydon Bridge, 74 outbye; 6, M Davidson’s Poppy, Lilburn, 74. Novice – C Pattinson’s Jean, Roman Wall.