Stuart Davidson’s Dan was in winning form, once at Bute and twice at Hunterston, taking the lead in all three North Ayrshire league trials in one weekend.

The Blackface hoggs at the first Hunterston trial were light, but manageable, and Dan was lucky to snatch victory from Stuart’s Peg (SL Davidson’s Hope and Gillieglen Queen), who was well ahead until time ran out before she made her shed, yet still earned second place.

The hoggs were more settled on the course for the second event, but it proved hard to keep the sheep on a good line on the fetch as they tended to draw to the side if they could.

Dan (RW Harris’ Flyn and Straid Joe) came in flat on his sheep, rather than leave a good space behind, and that pushed them off line.

Despite that, he made a good fetch, with only minor wavers and had a good drive. He achieved a clean chute and although his shed came off successfully to complete the winning run, it was not quite precise.

Chris Toner’s Niro Reg (DK Evans’ Fan, C Toner’s Ali) ran out cleanly to his sheep, lifted and fetched well, but when the hoggs drew up before first drive gate, Reg showed his inexperience, but he eventually put the sheep through the gate and went on to have a good cross drive.

The hoggs went up the side of the chute before Reg put them through successfully and finished his run with a good shed, repeating his position of the previous day at Bute, as runner up to Dan and following the pattern of the morning’s top pair leaving the also rans well behind them.

At Bargenoch, Kenny Donald’s Lyn won both trials.

The young dogs needed to show their authority to lift the Cheviot hoggs from the top of the rising field, as they were not keen to come away, and tended to screw about the lines once they were on the field. At the pen, the dogs had to give the sheep time.

In the first trial, Lyn (R Games’ Roy, A Games’ Nell) stopped short on her outrun but, responding to Kenny’s whistle, came on to her sheep so they came away at speed and it took work to keep them on line on the fetch and drive, but Lyn put them through all their gates. Good work at hand put her into first place.

The standard of the work rose in the second trial, with second and sixth places improving by a consistent seven points.

Despite that, Lyn took two whistles to get to her sheep, but made a good lift and fetch, with just a waver before the gate to fault it. Her drive went well, and once more, a good pen and shed secured first place.

The Texel cross hoggs at Culdees ran well on a flat course but could be difficult to pen, if dogs were too forceful. Trees on the course hid the sheep from the dogs at times, but a good standard of work prevailed.

Annette Olofsson’s Templehall Fred (RJ Hutchinson’s Sweep, KA Doig’s Jura) came in on his outrun, but Annette stopped him and whistled him out, but he over shot his sheep a little, which affected his lift.

The fetch went well with just minor wavers and the drive was good, although the hoggs went offline on the first leg of the drive. A clean pen and shed set the seal on the winning run.

Mosse Magnusson’s Wheatwood Eddie (DK Evans’ Derwen Doug, IR Fowler’s Fran) came a little tight on to his sheep, impacting on the lift, but the fetch went well with just minor wavers.

The drive was good, with a wide turn through the first drive gate the biggest fault, but all gates were achieved.

The hoggs broke round the pen before Eddie put them inside and a decent shed completed the run in second place.

Adam Simpson’s Templehall Maid, littermate of Fred, overshot her sheep slightly, rendering her out of position for the lift and putting the hoggs off line at the start of the fetch.

Once on line, the fetch went well and the drive started well but again, the hoggs made a wide turn through the first gate and were off line on the cross drive, but went through the gate.

Maid penned after a small break, made a good shed after Adam missed an earlier chance and earned third place.

LEADING awards

Bargenoch I (Judge: W Welsh, Dalmellington). Nursery – 10 ran – 1, K Donald’s Lyn, Dalrymple, 82; 2, F Shennan’s Belle, Barr, 80; 3, J Shennan’s Floss, Barr, 70; 4, H Young’s Bryn, Crosshill, 67; 5, I Fergie’s Cap, Straiton, 65; 6, C Darwent’s Jill, Dumfries House, 62.

Bargenoch II (Judge: S Paton, Dalrymple). Nursery – 10 ran – 1, K Donald’s Lyn, Dalrymple, 89; 2, JR Welsh’s Jimmy, Dalrymple, 87; 3, C Darwent’s Jill, Dumfries House, 84; 4, N Gillon’s Boss, Barr, 83; 5, J Shennan’s Floss, Barr, 78; 6, A McCulloch’s Bob, Dalmellington, 69.

Culdees, Muthill (Judge: P Simpson, Kirriemuir). Nursery – 17 ran – 1, A Olofsson’s Templehall Fred, Alyth, 83; 2, CM Magnusson’s Wheatwood Eddie, Mid Derry, 79; 3, A Simpson’s Templehall Maid, Comrie, 78; 4, P Martin’s Ruby, Glenlyon, 75; 5, CM Magnusson’s Pen-y- Borough Rag, Mid Derry, 74; 6, L Magnusson’s Gail, Mid Derry, 70; 7, K Dickson’s Hope, Fintry, 65; 8, C Rimmer’s Kove, Bridge of Cally, 63; 9, M Young’s Midderry Mic, Coupar Angus, 62; 10, J Hastie’s Graylees Rose, Saline, 59. Novice – 1, C Rimmer’s Kove, Bridge of Cally, 63.

Hunterston, West Kilbride I (Judge: N Gillon, Dailly). Nursery – 19 ran – 1, SL Davidson’s Dan, Sandbank,73; 2, SL Davidson’s Peg, Sandbank, 72; 3, C Toner’s Niro Reg, Drimsynie, 67; 4, L Gast’s Scalpsie Chaos, Scalpsie, 55; 5, I Lockhart’s Jed, Dalrymple, 54; 6, F Brown’s Jake, Glendaruel, 52 outbye; 7, A Kent’s Lad, Dunoon, 52; 8, N McVicar’s Baledmund Pete, Benmore, 47; 9, CK Paterson’s Lexi, Kilmalcolm, 46; 10, R Armour’s Sid, Sorn, 44.

Hunterston, West Kilbride II (Judge: W Welsh, Dalmellington). Nursery – 19 ran – 1, SL Davidson’s Dan, Sandbank, 82; 2, C Toner’s Niro Reg, Drimsynie, 79; 3, SL Davidson’s Peg, Sandbank, 69; 4, J MacDougall’s Tess, Drymen, 64; 5, N McVicar’s Baledmund Pete, Benmore, 61; 6, I Lockhart’s Jed, Dalrymple, 60; 7, N McEachern’s Molly, Dunoon, 58 outbye; 8, R Armour’s Sid, Sorn, 58; 9, F Brown’s Jake, Glendaruel, 52; 10, L Gast’s Scalpsie Chaos, Scalpsie, 52.

Bute (Judge: R Howatson, Fairlie). Nursery – 20 ran – 1, SL Davidson’s Dan, Sandbank, 67; 2, C Toner’s Niro Reg, Drimsynie, 65; 3, R Middleton’s Jean, Neilston, 61; 4, N McVicar’s Baledmund Pete, Benmore, 54 outbye; 5, R Armour’s Sid, Sorn, 54; 6, I Lockhart’s Duke, Dalrymple, 50; 7, F Brown’s Jake, Glendaruel, 47; 8, I Lockhart’s Jed, Dalrymple, 45; 9, SL Davidson’s Peg, Sandbank, 44; 10, CK Paterson’s Lexi, Kilmalcolm, 42.

Northumberland Nursery League

Whitfield (Judge: L de Ravel, Wigton). Nursery – 22 ran – 1, E Gray’s Megan, Great Elsdon, 82; 2, K Preston’s Ross, Elsdon, 81; 3, P Telfer’s Telf Gin, Haydon Bridge, 80 outbye; 4, D Henderson’s Sprite, Allendale, 80; 5, M Davidson’s Poppy, Lilburn, 77; 6, M Davidson’s Blair, Lilburn, 76. New Handler – A Saul’s Tess, Otterburn.