A cool approach to her sheep established a good relationship that paid off for Tina Robertson’s Ruby, on a fine day at Evanton.

The fit Blackface hoggs were lively and could be upset if dogs approached them boldly. Some young dogs struggled to drive away and many found the shed testing.

Ruby (T Robertson’s Vicky, MC Shearer’s Jim) worked well outbye, lifted calmly and achieved a good fetch.

The line wavered a little on the first leg of the drive, but the cross drive was good. The turns through both drive gates were wider than ideal, but the hoggs went through. Ruby made a good pen with just one break, and completed her winning run with a successful shed, comfortably ahead of the field.

The Blackface hoggs at Hunterston, behaved well on a flat field, all day, but they stuck together at the shed and made that the hardest part of the work.

Neil M McVicar’s Baledmund Pete (J Menzies’ Baledmund Jess, IM Brownlie’s Gus) ran out and lifted his sheep nicely, and although they reacted against Pete’s proximity near the fetch gate, he put them through. The drive started off well, but after the hoggs went through the first gate, two came back through.

The cross drive and return went well and a good chute followed, but it took time to find an opportunity to shed.

Once the separation was made, Pete came in well and finished the run in first place with a clear margin behind him.

The Cheviot hoggs at Stobsheil responded to careful handling, on a gently rising course, but could be difficult to pen and shed.

Andrew Dickman’s Meg (Kate S van der Sweep’s Garry, A Smart’s Kim) ran out and lifted cleanly, and fetched with a waver on the line. The hoggs were not keen to turn round Andrew, but Meg got them round, only to see them take off on the first leg of the drive. She stopped them before the gate, but they slipped by it. The cross drive went well and the pen was the best of the day. The shed took a little time, but once it was made, Meg finished in first place.

The Suffolk cross Mule ewes at Upper Barr I & II ran well on a flat, compact, riverside course. Some dogs struggled at the pen but most runs were completed.

Neil Gillon’s Boss was in fine form, winning both trials. First time out, Boss ran out and lifted cleanly, made a good fetch and an excellent drive. His pen was good and his shed one of the better ones of the trial.

In the second trial, his run followed a similar pattern, with good work outbye, and a good drive with just a slightly wide turn through the first drive gate. A clean pen and a good shed secured another win for Boss.

The cross hoggs at Boreland of Anwoth were good to handle on a rising course, but could test the young dogs at the pen and shed.

Duncan Robertson’s Derwen Roy (S Holt’s Hybeck Blake, G Jones’ Derwen Mali) ran out on a good line. He lifted well and made a good start to the fetch and only incurred minor wavers there. Roy had the sheep nicely controlled, so made a good turn round Duncan. He took a good line up the first leg of the drive, through the gate, across the second leg, until a waver just before the gate caused the hoggs to miss the gate. Roy penned them with a slight break, and a good shed completed the winning run.

LEADING awards

Evanton (Judge: M Cameron, Lerwick) Nursery – 29 ran - 1, T Robertson’s Ruby, Dunnet, 92; 2, I MacKay’s Jim, Leanach, 87; 3, G Simpson’s Ace, Forgue, 85. Open dogs – 19 ran – 1, H Munro’s Lil, Inverness,79 Outbye; 2, H MacLean’s Moss, Culloden, 79; 3, I Sutherland’s Sid, Strathnaver, 77.

Upper Barr I (Judge: JG Templeton, Fenwick) Nursery – 9 ran – 1, N Gillon’s Boss, Barr, 92; 2, F Shennan’s Belle, Barr, 91; 3, J Shennan’s Floss, Barr, 88.

Upper Barr II (Judge: P Martin, Glenlyon) Nursery – 9 ran – 1, N Gillon’s Boss, Barr, 93; 2, A McCulloch’s Bob, Dalmellington, 92 Outbye; 3, F Shennan’s Belle, Barr, 92.

Boreland of Anwoth, Gatehouse Of Fleet (Judge: B White, Dalry) Nursery – 10 ran – 1, D Robertson’s Derwen Roy, Langholm, 86; 2, JW Common’s Jimmy, Lockerbie, 85; 3, AR Mundell’s Groesfaen Roy, Moffat, 81. Novice 1, J Thomson’s Northtyne Spear, Penpont, 75.

Menian (Judge: I McConnell, Lamlash) Nursery – 12 ran – 1, J MacKillop’s Nip, Fort Augustus, 89; 2, A McCuish’s Scott, Skipness, 81 Outbye; 3, JC MacLachlan’s Queen, Spean Bridge, 81.

Ollaberry, Shetland (Judge: AJ Hughson, Brunthamarsland) Nursery – 15 ran – 1, AWP Hughson’s Nortrow Lol, Girlsta, 85; 2, C Williamson’s Sweep, Ollaberry, 84; 3, D Murray’s Jill, North Roe, 84

Whitefield (Judge: W Anderson, Stranraer) Nursery – 14 ran – 1, D Mitchell’s Pip, New Luce, 83; 2, A Stewart’s Jim, Lockerbie, 81; 3, S McCrindle’s Jess, Stranraer, 75.

Hunterston, West Kilbride (Judge: N Docherty, Bute) Nursery – 19 ran – 1, N McVicar’s Baledmund Pete, Benmore, 82; 2, C Toner’s Niro Reg, Drimsynie, 77; 3, SL Davidson’s Dan, Sandbank,74.

Stobsheil (Judge: J Allan, Mt Benger) Nursery – 12 ran - 1, A Dickman’s Meg (Kate), Oxton, 80; 2, J Robinson’s Nap, Coldingham, 78; 3, E Foster’s Bess, Westruther,74. Novice – 1, R Halliday’s Finn, Stow, 80.

North Roe, Shetland (Judge: O Brown, Yell) Nursery – 15 ran – 1, J Ramsay’s Nan, Ollaberry, 79; 2, B Smith’s Queen, Dunrossness, 74; 3, W Morrison’s Meg, Yell, 72 Outbye.