Several Scottish dairy herds triumphed in the All Britain Awards staged following the UK Dairy Expo in Carlisle, taking top tickets amongst the black and white and the red and white Holsteins.

Leading the fray was Robbie and Margo Scott's Nethervalley Holstein herd from Tarbolton, Ayrshire, which lifted the champion intermediate heifer honours with Nethervalley Kingpin Sara, while Sheila Yates and Caroline Gilmour's jointly owned, Eastford Rockset Integral Rae Red from the Castle Douglas, and Ayr-based herds, won the red and white heifer in milk.

Champion red and white cow in milk was Brian and Michael Yates' Logan Integral Jodie Red from East Logan, Castle Douglas.

Several reserve and honourable mentions also came from north of the Border.

As always, entries were of an extremely high standard with 145 submitted across 14 classes and this year, for the first time, red and whites were split into three classes.

The All Britain awards are a judgement of the quality of an animal which has been exhibited within the show ring at recognised shows or events during the year of competition.

With all entries undergoing judgement in the preliminary stage by John Garnett (Milnthorpe), Andrew Dennison (Denmire) and David Hodgson (Wormanby), the national judging panel was then asked to submit their votes to determine the finalists.

Commenting on the first round of judging, John Garnett said: “This year’s All Britain nominees are showing Holsteins at their very best. The standard was fantastic and a credit to the exhibitors and stockmen of the breed. Credit also to all the exhibitors that have taken their time and effort at great expense to them for supporting shows throughout the UK and Ireland.”

LEADING awards

All Britain Awards – Holsteins – Junior heifer – Champion – Messrs Williamson, Ingleden Holsteins' Ingleden Fitz Papoose; reserve – Knowlesmere Holsteins' Knowlesmere Solomon Chic; honourable mention – Drointon Holsteins and Grayridge Holsteins' Drointon Doc Promis.

Intermediate heifer – Champion – R and M Scott, Nethervalley Holsteins' Nethervalley Kingpin Sara; reserve – Knowlesmere Holsteins' Knowlesmere Denver Courtney; honourable mention – N Sloan's Drointon Solomon Petrelle.

Senior heifer – M Breen, Cherryblossom Holsteins' Wiltor Emilio Chassity; reserve – Messrs Dennison, Denmire Holsteins' Denmire Expander Roxy 81; honourable mention – IR Morgan, Erie Holsteins' Starlet Erie Sirwood Barbie 2.

Junior two-year-old in milk – Champion – Chedhunt Holsteins' Chedhunt Cinderdoor Rach; reserve – BL Davies and Son, Davlea Holsteins' Davlea Doorman Ashlyn 2; honourable mention – WA and A Booth, Feizor Holsteins' Feizor Unix W Lasenza 1.

Intermediate two-year-old in milk – Champion – A Lawson and Son, Newbirks Holsteins' Newbirks Solomon Jazz 1800; reserve – H Wright and Son, Berryholme Holsteins' Berryholme Doorman S Flo; honourable mention – B Yates and Son, Logan Holsteins' Logan Estate Jazz.

Senior two-year-old in milk – Champion – Riverdane Holsteins' Riverdane Absolute Springsteen; reserve – Knowlesmere Holsteins' Knowlesmere Atwood Chic; honourable mention – A and L Paul, M McCollum and D McAfee, Slatabogie Holsteins, Boghill Holsteins and Glamour Holsteins' Boghill Glamour Hurricane Carlin D.

Junior three-year-old in milk – Champion – Knowlesmere Holsteins' Knowlesmere Solomon Diamond; reserve – DW and CE Jones, Wiltor Holsteins' Feizor Doorman G Dandy; honourable mention – DW and CE Jones, Wiltor Holsteins' Wyndford Doorman Atlee 2.

Senior three-year-old in milk – Champion – Evening Holsteins' Whinchat Snowy Tippy 2; reserve – N and S Sercombe, Shambles Holsteins' Wiltor Silver Centerpiece; honourable mention – Evening Holsteins' Evening Seaver Mischief.

Four-year-old in milk – Champion – Evening Holsteins' Riverdane Ashlyns Gold; reserve – BL Davies and Son, Davlea Holsteins' Davlea Bradnick Alicia; honourable mention – Riverdane Holsteins' Riverdane Colt Strawberry.

Five-year-old in milk – Champion – Evening Holsteins, C Wilson and L Lancaster's Whinchat Stanleycup Farrah; reserve – DW and CE Jones and N and L Sercombe, Wiltor Holsteins and Shambles Holsteins' Aliann Mincio Kitty; honourable mention – Evening Holsteins' Evening Atwood Baby.

Mature cow in milk – Champion – R and E Butterfield, Ingleview Holsteins' Newbirks Jazz 1584; reserve – Evening Holsteins' Evening Stanleycup Jennifer; honourable mention – Riverdane Holsteins and Barmick Holsteins' Sahara Sanchez Ambrosia 3.

Red and White Holsteins – Red and white heifer – Champion – Knowlesmere Holsteins' Knowlesmere Toitoi Defiant Dream Red; reserve – R and M Scott, Nethervalley Holsteins' Nethervalley Awesome Emma Red; honourable mention – A and D Mackellar Drointon Holsteins' Drointon Diamondback Seisme Red.

Red and white heifer in milk – Champion – Eastford Holsteins' Rockset Integral Rae Red; reserve – Panda Holsteins and Leedham Holsteins' Panda Autumn O Kalibra Red; honourable mention – G Weatherup, Pinupgirl Holsteins' Pinupgirl Awesome Sangria Red.

Red and white cow in milk – Champion – B Yates and Son, Logan Holsteins' Logan Integral Jodie Red 3; reserve – Eastford Holsteins' Eastford Atomium Kiwi Red; honourable mention – RA Bown, Richaven Holsteins' Richaven Absolute Stocking Red.